Volkswagen Prague Marathon 2017

Prague Marathon 2017On May 7th in 2017 it is time for the annual Volkswagen Prague Marathon in the beautiful city of Prague. Are you interested in running?

The Volkswagen Prague Marathon has been an event going on since the middle of the 1990s, and it is said to be one of the most beautiful marathon races in the world. Not only is it amazing to run, but you run among some of the most beautiful attractions available in Europe. The race itself starts from the Old Town square, you will see beautiful attractions, and during the race you will even be able to run across the Charles Bridge.

Does it sound cool to participate in the Prague Marathon in 2017? Visit the official website for more info.

More stuff to do in Prague?

For more advises on programs and happenings in Prague, check what’s on in Prague. We can also help you out with river cruises, beer dinners and similar programs, so make sure to look through our Prague Guide as you plan your trip to Prague.

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Robbie Williams concert in Prague 2017

Robbe Williams concert in Prague 2017It will be 100% take-off at Letnany Airport on August 19th. It is not because of an airplane, but because of Robbie Williams coming to perform on that day!

Robbie Williams has been to Prague several times earlier, and it is always a fantastic show and a cheering crowd waiting for those deciding to be present at the events. On August 19th at 16.00 Robbie Williams will perform in Letnany Airport (just outside Prague), and if you want to be there, you can easily lay your hands on some Robbie Williams tickets.

There are other great concerts coming up in Prague as well this summer. Before Robbie Williams come on August 19th, famous bands such as Guns N Roses, Depeche Mode and Deep Purple will perform in Prague this summer. If you want to buy tickets for any of these concerts just press the ticket link beneath and search for the artist you are interested in, and buy your tickets.

It might be that the concerts in Prague are not as great as the upcoming concerts in London or maybe the upcoming concerts in Paris. But, that isn’t so strange, considering how small a city Prague is compared to those two giants.

Robbie Williams Prague 2017

Letnany Airport
August 19th, 16.00

Tickets: Viagogo

The Robbie Williams concert will be arranged on August 19th, which is a Saturday. Why not make arrangements for an entire weekend in Prague, and combine the Robbie Williams concert with a magnificent river cruise, maybe a beer dinner and an excursion to some place outside Prague? You can read more about all these activities and much more in our Prague Guide.

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Deep Purple concert in Prague

On the 22nd of May Deep Purple will come to Prague. The band will perform in the O2 Arena, and if you want to be there, we know where you can get your Deep Purple tickets.

Deep Purple was a pioneer band when it was founded back in the 1960s. It then consisted of Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Ian Paice og Roger Glover, but as the band comes to Prague in 2017 the main members are Ian Gillan,
Steve Morse, Roger Glover, Don Airey and Ian Paice. As you can see there has been some changes to the band, but the music and the style is the same, and they are experiencing a new spring since the release of their album Now What?! which was released back in 2013.

Deep Purple concert in Prague 2017

Deep Purple concert in Prague 2017

On the Europe tour Deep Purple will visit lots of cities in Western and Central Europe, but the most important and coolest city is of course Prague. Here we can help you with river cruises, beer dinners and lots of other programs, in addition to information about what’s going on in Prague. Take a look in our Prague Guide for more information about all these activities and much more!

Deep Purple Prague 2017

O2 Arena
May 22nd, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you want to be there at the Deep Purple concert in Prague, then you can buy your tickets using the link above. There you will also find tickets to the Deep Purple concerts in Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Zagreb and other European cities, so check out which concerts suits you, and then buy the tickets you need to be there!

Did you know that Deep Purple visited Prague and the O2 Arena back in 2010 as well? Then they visited the city in the autumn, but this time they will come to visit Prague in the spring. Do not miss out on this upcoming event!

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Guns N’ Roses concert in Prague

On the Independence Day, on July 4th, it is time for a Guns N’ Roses concert in Prague at Letnany Airport. Would you like to be there?

Guns N’ Roses will be out touring lots of cities all across Europe this year. They will perform in cities like London, Lisbon, Paris and Stockholm, and of course they will come to Prague as well. It will be one crazy night of rock n’ roll, and it will for sure be a better activity on this day than to watch Independence Day (1 or 2).

If you want to be there at the Guns N’ Roses concert in Prague on July 4th, then you can buy tickets using the ticket link beneath.

Guns N Roses concert in Prague 2017

Guns N Roses concert in Prague 2017

Guns N Roses Prague 2017

Letnany Airport
July 4th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

After the Guns N Roses in Prague the bad will pack their suitcases and travel on to Paris. There they will perform at Stade de France before they come back to the region again to perform at Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna at July 10th. Choose for yourself when you want to listen to this legendary rock band. You can find tickets for all their concerts using the ticket link above.

If you have more money and want to enjoy a nice river cruise in Prague or maybe a beer dinner then you can read more about these and other Prague activities here in our Prague Guide.

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Czech Beer Festival 2017

Are you planning to come to Prague for the annual beer festival in 2017? Looking for the dates for the Czech Beer festival 2017? Look no further, here they are!

Czech Beer festival 2017

Information about the Czech Beer Festival 2017

May is a beautiful month to visit Prague. The spring is ruling, the sun is shining, you can enjoy nice temperatures, and what better to do in nice sunshine than to taste some local Czech beer?

The annual beer festival is one of the most popular of all festivals in Prague every year. Thousands of tourists come to Prague to check out the event, and let us not forget about all the locals also going out to check out the event and taste the best of the best of the local Czech beer.

In 2017 the beer festival will be arranged between May 12th and May 28th.  The event will as always be arranged at Letenska Plan and if you want to read and know more about the beer festival, visit our Czech Beer festival page.

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Preparing for the Christmas market in Prague in 2017? When will it be arranged?

It is only the start of January and last years Christmas markets has barely closed. You are however already thinking about the Christmas markets in Prague in 2017. When will they be arranged? When will they open?

It is easy to understand that you want to come to Prague before Christmas to experience the beautiful Christmas markets the city has to offer. Prague is a splendid city to discover, and when the Christmas markets are at the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas square the city just gets even better. So, why not discover Prague and the Christmas markets at the same time in 2017? But, when will the Christmas markets open? It is hard to plan a trip without dates ready.

Prague Christmas market 2017

Christmas market at the Old Town Square in Prague – Kajano / Shutterstock

Prague Christmas market dates in 2017

Unfortunately the dates for the Christmas markets in Prague in 2017 remain a secret so far. For that reason we can not give any certain information yet, but still you should know that arriving to Prague in December is a safe bet. The markets normally open in the end of November sometime and remain open till the end of December or the start of January.

Our guess for the Christmas markets in Prague in 2017 is that they will open sometime between November 24th and November 29th. That is of course only our pure guess, so we will write a new blog post as soon as we have the exact and official dates. To find those follow us on Facebook, place a bookmark at this page and check out the what’s on in Prague site.

Do not forget that you can already now start booking your beer dinner in Prague, a fantastic river cruise and lots of other activities in Prague. Click the banners on the right or read about lots of different Prague activities right here.

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Free shipping from to the Czech Republic available

For a long time it was hard to order from Amazon and have the goods delivered to the Czech Republic. It just got much easier!

The average person in the Czech Republic prefer the English language to the German language. As a consequence they prefer shopping from or But, now they should reconsider their shipping and place their orders at instead. Here are the reasons!


Are you ready for some free shipping from Amazon. de to the Czech Republic! It can be done!

Why you should shop from Amazon in Germany?

  • Since November 2016 you are entitled to free shopping on orders placed on with a total amount exceeding 39 Euro. This amount is around 1050 CZK. If you order for this amount or more you will get free shipping to your home address in the Czech Republic. This is also available for orders sent to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary and Slovakia. You can read more about it right here.
    It is important that the free shipping is only available for orders dispatched by (and not by other sellers selling their products on
  • You can now visit in English. You can in other words continue shopping in English at the German Amazon store. You can read more about it in this article. To visit straight away and to shop in English as you visit the German Amazon store, visit in English.
  • Almost all products on can be delivered to Czech Republic. There are some exceptions as Amazon products like their Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo, Kindle, Fire tablets and more can not be delivered the Czech Republic. In such instances you can order to a virtual address in Germany and have them forward the package to your home address in the Czech Republic. You can read more about how this works in this article.

Are you ready to do some shopping from the German Amazon store? We have tried it and it works great, they are quick at delivering and the prices are often even better than you get from the local stores in the Czech Republic. Now before Christmas there are also great discounts available, so why not order your Christmas present from Amazon in Germany this year?

It might not be as cool as buying something at the Christmas market in Prague, but it might be more useful than the products you can buy at the Christmas markets in Prague.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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Enrique Iglesias concert 2016

Only six days before magical Christmas Eve another magical event will take place in Prague. On December 18th Enrique Iglesias will perform in Tesla Arena.

Enrique Iglesias will without a doubt bring Christmas to the hearts of thousands of ladies out there. He might not have to mention Christmas or sing about Christmas, but in the moment they take a look at him their hearts will soften and Christmas will arrive. Now, Christmas isn’t really about Enrique Iglesias, but about the birth of Jesus Christ, but if Enrique Iglesias can help bring Christmas close to our hearts, then that is wonderful!

Enrique Iglesias will only perform three times in Europe before Christmas this year and the last of those concerts is the one in Prague on December 18th. Before he arrives to the Czech capital he will perform in Vienna (Austria) on December 14th and in Krakow (Poland) on December 16th. If you can not come to Prague for the concert on December 18th then it is nice to know that Vienna is only 3 hours by car from Prague, so why not drive to Vienna to listen to Enrique Iglesias there? You can buy tickets to all these concerts using the link further down in the article.
enrique-iglesias concert in Prague

Enrique Iglesias concert in Prague

Tesla Arena
December 18th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you want to celebrate Christmas with some Czech beer, why not enjoy our Czech Beer dinner? Or maybe spend some hours on a river cruise? There are lots of magnificent programs waiting for you in Prague, and you can read more about all of those here!

We almost forgot to mention it, but at this time there will be crowds of people in Prague. Why? Because of the annual Christmas markets. These are extremely popular and among the most beautiful in all of Europe, so make sure to check them out as you come to Prague.

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Andre Rieu concert in Prague (2017)

Come to Prague on May 12th to listen to the amazing Andre Rieu. He will perform in the 02 Arena and you are invited! Information about tickets and more.

Now you might have several reasons to come to Prague on May 12th in 2017. On the same day that Andre Rieu will enter the stage in the O2 Arena in Prague another major event will open in Prague. The event we are speaking of is the Czech Beer Festival which is about two weeks of full party and lots of local beer. Why not combine both of these? Listen to some classical music and sip in from that sort of culture before you taste some local Czech culture?

Andre Rieu concert in Prague in 2017

Andre Rieu concert in Prague in 2017

The opportunities are many as you come to Prague in May, but we hope you will have a fantastic time no matter what you decide to do. You can read more about the Czech Beer festival here.

If you would like to buy tickets for the Andre Rieu concert in Prague on May 12th then you can do so using the link beneath. Currently it seems as if this is the only concert Andre Rieu will do in Europe in May 2017, so do not throw this opportunity to combine some days in Prague with a fantastic concert away!

At the link you beneath you can not only buy tickets for the Andre Rieu concert in Prague, but also for all his other concerts in 2017. He will also perform in cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin, so go ahead and buy your Andre Rieu tickets today!

Andre Rieu concert in Prague in 2017

O2 Arena Prague
May 12th, 2017

Tickets: Viagogo

Do not forget to read more about other fantastic programs and activities here in our Prague Guide. Did you know that we can help you out with river cruises and also a fantastic Czech Beer dinner where you can taste the strongest of all beers brewed in Prague? Doesn’t that sound fun? Read around in our Prague Guide for more information!

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Depeche Mode concert in Prague 2017

One of the highlights in Prague in 2017 will for sure be the Depeche Mode concert in May. Information about the Depeche Mode concert in Prague – Tickets, Venue, Time and more.

People coming to Prague in May often come because of the annual Beer Festival which last for a couple of weeks in May. In 2017 you will have one more major reason to come to Prague in May and that is the Depeche Mode concert. This Prague concert will be arranged on May 24 and the venue for the event is Eden Arena (which was formerly called the Synot Tip Arena). The concert itself is supposed to start at 19.00 and if you want to be there at the Depeche Mode concert in Prague you can buy tickets from the site to referred to further down in the article.

This Depeche Mode concert will be one out of several concerts in Europe in 2017. They will not only visit Prague, but they will also visit Bratislava, Budapest, Stockholm, Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Nice and lots of other cities. The tour will celebrate their album “Spirit” which will be released in the spring of 2017. Be sure to listen to the album before the tour so that you will be in tune with the new songs which will be played during the Depeche Mode concert in Prague as well.

Depeche Mode concert in Prague 2017

Venue: Eden Arena
Time: May 24th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you have some more time in Prague then make sure to visit the beautiful attractions of the city. The Vitus Cathedral is famous and the same can be said about the Tyn cathedral. But, the most famous of all attractions in Prague is the Charles Bridge. Do not miss out on any of these while in Prague!

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