Top events in Prague in 2015

In this article we will list some of the most interesting events in the life of Prague in 2015. Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and is among the most beautiful and vibrant cities in whole Europe. Like in every year Prague will give home to the best cultural, film, beer and […]

Good Prague hotels now!

If you have planned on visiting Prague this summer or maybe this autumn, then you have something to look forward to. In our opinion this is the best time of the year to visit the Czech capital, and we wait with open arms for everyone on their way. Great programs such as our beer dinner […]

Prague Dungeon

Many people have been to London and have visited London Dungeon while visiting the Brit Capital. In addition we know that such dungeons can also be found in York, Edinburg and Amsterdam, so therefore many ask the question if there exist such a thing as Prague Dungeon. The answer is unfortunately no, but maybe this […]

Chris Rea Prague

Chris Rea will come to amaze his fans in Prague in February 2012. The CHris Rea concert will be arranged in the Congress Centre of Prague, and the concert date is February 23rd. The concert starts at 20.00. Chris Rea Prague Congress Centre Prague February 23rd, 20.00 Tickets: WorldTicketShop Prague concerts – Chris Rea Budapest

Lenny Kravitz Prague 2011

Only one day after the George Michael concert in O2 Arena, and only four days after the Rammstein concert in O2 Arena, Lenny Kravitz will enter the stage. So, if you are up to some cool concerts in Prague, check out all of these. If not, check out only the Lenny Kravitz concert. This will […]

George Michael Prague 2011

Not only Rammsteinwill come to O2 Arena in prague to perform in November 2011, but the super star George Michael will also come. Only three days after the Rammstein concert George Michael will enter the stage, in what is expected to become a packed concert in Prague. If you want tickets for the George Michael […]

Rammstein Prague

Rammstein is out on their autumn tour in Europe in 2011, and during their tour many large cities will be visited, for example Prague and Budapest. Rammstein is a very popular band playing music liked by many, and their Prague concert will be arranged in the O2 Arena on November 12th, starting at 19.00. Rammstein […]

Prague fifth most popular destionation in Europe

According to the newest Travelers’ Award recently published by TripAdvisor for 2011 Prague is the fifth most popular travel destination in Europe in 2011. The first places are kept by Paris, Rome, London and Barcelona, and then comes Prague. What an honor! We know that our city is beautiful, but it is always nice when […]

Rihanna Prague

Rihanna is giving a whole lot of fans a nice Christmas present this year. She will be touring Europe this winter, and a whole lot of her concerts will be arranged just before Christmas. The Rihanna concert in Prague will be arranged in the O2 Arena on December 7th starting at 20.00. But, if you […]

Queens of the Stone Age Prague

The popular American band will visit Prague as well in 2011. Check out the link below for tickets to the Queens of the Stone Age concert in Prague. The event will be arranged the bit not so normal venue Kutumi centurm Vltavska, but it will for sure be packed and one nice atmosphere. If you […]