The food in Czech Republic has for centuries been influenced the by the Austrian, Hungarian and the German kitchen, and that is why courses such as goulash, Wiener schnitzel and gnocchi can be found almost everywhere in Prague.

The typical Czech food has loads of meet (mostly pork of beef) and next to the food you will often find potatoes or dumplings which are eaten together with a sauce. As with most other parts of Eastern Europe the soup is very important in the Czech cuisine as well!

Below you can see the names of some Prague restaurants which might be worth a visit. Read more about them, and hopefully you will read about some restaurant that sounds interesting to you. If you have already visited one of them, feel free to share your experience using the comment field on the restaurant page.

General advices:
Generally you should add 10-15% as service fee, if you are satisfied. Some restaurants automatically add this to the bill, and if so, you do not need to pay anything more. You often have to pay for extras (bread on the table etc…), so do not be surprised if you find it on your final bill!

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