Czech Beer Festival 2019

Would you like to visit Prague for the Czech Beer Festival in 2019? When will it be arranged? Here you can find the dates for the festival and much more! Until now, the Czech Beer Festival has lasted for 17 days and started quite early in May. But, from 2019 changes are coming. It will […]

Czech Beer Festival 2018

This year is a fantastic year for tourists coming to Prague, and once again one of the highlights of the year is the annual beer festival. The Czech beer festival has been arranged for years and years, and it is a giant success every year. This year it will open on May 10th and the […]

Czech Beer Festival 2017

Are you planning to come to Prague for the annual beer festival in 2017? Looking for the dates for the Czech Beer festival 2017? Look no further, here they are! May is a beautiful month to visit Prague. The spring is ruling, the sun is shining, you can enjoy nice temperatures, and what better to […]

Czech Beer Festival 2016

The Czech Beer Festival is the biggest of all festivals in the Czech Republic. Get information about the Czech Beer Festival 2016. The Czech Beer Festival is an event lasting for 17-18 days every year and it is arranged in the fantastic surroundings of the Letna Park. The Czech Beer Festival 2016 will have its […]

Beer festival still going strong

Tonight is the last day of the ice hockey world cup in Prague, and even though we are sad cause Czech Republic lost their bronze match against the USA, we are still curious to see whether Canada or Russia will win the gold medal in the tournament. But, even if the hockey world cup goes […]

Czech Beer Festival 2015

The Czech Beer Festival is coming to Prague again, and in 2015 the festival will be arranged from May 7th until May 23rd. During these 17 days you will be able to gain thorough knowledge about the Czech beers, and you will be able to taste more than 100 different kinds of them. The Beer […]