Easter Market in Prague 2019

Would you like to enjoy the Easter Market in Prague in 2019? Here are the dates and more information about this upcoming event!

The Christmas markets in Prague are amazing. The Easter markets might not be just as nice, simply because it is more sun and brighter, which means you miss out on the beautiful market by night feeling. But, still – the Easter Markets in Prague are absolutely worth visiting!

Easter market in Prague in 2019
Come to Prague for the Easter Markets in 2019 – Pixabay

Easter Market dates for Prague in 2019

In 2019, the Easter Markets in Prague will be arranged between April 7th and April 28th. The main markets will be located at the Old Town Square and at the Wenceslas square, both located in the heart of Prague!

At the Easter Market you can buy all sorts of handicraft, but for most people, it is all about eating and drinking lots of traditional and tasty food and drinks!

The stands at the Easter Market normally open around 10.00 in the morning, and they remain open until quite late in the evening, also depending on the amount of people actually visiting the Easter markets.

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Easter Market in Prague 2015

Easter is just around the corner which means the annual Easter Market will open its gates this year again. Easter is one of the biggest Christian feast which celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Easter is a movable feast which means it is not fixed to the civil calendar so this year the Easter Market will take place from 21st March until 11th April in 2015.

Easter Market in Prague

At the market you can get all the related items to Eastern and there will be countless programs during the feast. The traditional annual Easter Market will take place in the ancient Old Town Square in the centre of the city. The market await all the visitors with beautiful Easter decorations such as the various painted eggs, whips, lace and wooden products. Apart from this there will be a special Easter program for the visitors with children’s activities, folk music and dance, various concerts and so on. So this year the Easter Market will be held from 21st March until 11th April in the Old Town Square in Prague and the event is free for everyone.

This market is quite similar to the Christmas market, so if you can not come to Prague for Christmas, make sure to check out this market at least!

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