Lenny Kravitz Prague 2011

Only one day after the George Michael concert in O2 Arena, and only four days after the Rammstein concert in O2 Arena, Lenny Kravitz will enter the stage. So, if you are up to some cool concerts in Prague, check out all of these. If not, check out only the Lenny Kravitz concert. This will […]

George Michael Prague 2011

Not only Rammsteinwill come to O2 Arena in prague to perform in November 2011, but the super star George Michael will also come. Only three days after the Rammstein concert George Michael will enter the stage, in what is expected to become a packed concert in Prague. If you want tickets for the George Michael […]

Rammstein Prague

Rammstein is out on their autumn tour in Europe in 2011, and during their tour many large cities will be visited, for example Prague and Budapest. Rammstein is a very popular band playing music liked by many, and their Prague concert will be arranged in the O2 Arena on November 12th, starting at 19.00. Rammstein […]