The most romantic places in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is among the nicest, most romantic and most beautiful cities in whole Europe which has countless programs, restaurants and hotels for couples. What could be more perfect than a romantic get away in Prague? So in this article we will introduce you to some of the most romantic spots in the city.

Prague is super romantic
Prague is super romantic

Petrinske Terasy is a restaurant that is located in the most romantic part in the city on the Petrin Hill whit breathtaking view over the Vltava River and the city. It is a perfect place for couples on a summer day when you can sit outside on the terrace having the most beautiful view on Prague. It is also really cosy in the winter with the wooden interior, the fire place and the huge windows which allows the visitors to have a splendid panorama view on the city.

Letna Park is one of the nicest parks in the centre of the city which is located between some busy shopping streets and the Vltava River. What could be more nicer than having a walk or laying in the grass with your loved one?

Petrin Tower is known as the love place in Prague. There is a huge park under the tower with lots of statues of different Czech artists and there is also a statue of K.H.Macha who is one of the most famous Czech poets and a lot of couples kiss on 1st May each year.

Prague has a lot more to offer from the restaurants through the hotels to the various attractions and programs in the city. If you want to know more on Prague check the following site.

Christmas presents to buy in Prague

Give the best presents for Christmas for your loved ones. In this article we will advice you some of the best Christmas presents you can get in the capital of the Czech Republic in Prague.

In Prague there are plenty of various shops, stores and even markets where you can get the most special gifts and souvenirs for Christmas.

Czech garnets

Czech garnets are one of the most popular gifts to give at Christmas. In Prague you can find all the most beautiful garnets jewellery such as rings, bracelets, various necklaces, earrings and cufflinks as well which are really suitable for everyday wear. It is a perfect and a unique present for any of the lady members in the family.

Czech garnets

Glass and crystals

In the city you can also find the famous Czech glass and crystals which can be practical and also decorative. You can find the best glass and crystal at the New Town of the city. The shops sell the most beautiful crystal and glass drinking glasses and you can even find jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings as well.

Glass and Crystal

Handmade puppets

If you want to buy something really unique try the handmade puppets which can be found in different stores in the city. The puppets are not the cheapest presents but they are sure something special and remarkable. Apart from these there are plenty of other things to get such as the handmade bags, scarfs, hats, gloves, accessories, wooden toys which can be found on the Christmas markets in the city.

Handmade puppets

Hope you have enjoyed the article! Enjoy shopping in Prague and have fun doing so!

What to do in Prague in the winter?

Winter in PraguePrague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and it is one of the most visited and most popular European cities. This exciting city, apart from the greatest attractions all around the city, offers a wide range of activities and various programs in the whole year even in the winter.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities from museums, cafes, restaurants, concerts, markets to festivals. In this article we will list some of the possibilities you can do during a visit in the winter in Prague.

Christmas Markets

One of the most popular programs during winter is the Christmas Market. The annual Christmas Market is waiting for every visitor from the middle of November until the first week of January. It is the best way to get ready for Christmas and get in to the festive mood. At the market you can try the best Czech foods and mulled wines and you can also do your pre-Christmas shopping. The Christmas Market in the city takes place at the Old Town Square in the centre of Prague. There is also another market at the Wenceslas square, not far from the Old Town Square.

Ice skating

During the winter the other popular activity is ice skating. In Prague from the beginning of winter there is a huge ice rink in the heart of the city. One of the biggest ice rinks are located at the Ovocny square. It is a perfect program for children and for everyone who likes speed combined with ice. At the ice rink apart from skating there are also other activities, live concerts and various kind of entertainments.

Prague during winter

Cultural events

During the whole year including winter as well there are plenty of concerts all around in the city. Prague is famous of opera, ballet and classical music as well and there are multiple concerts and performances to find in the city’s opera houses, theatres and churches. If you stay in the centre of the city all the attractions and the indoor concerts are only a few minutes walk on foot.


In Prague you can find all kind of museums as well. When the weather is chilly and cold to visit a museum or attend an indoor activity is one of the best programs. In Prague there are plenty of museums and indoor activities all around the city. Some of the best and well known museums and indoor programs in the city are Museum of Communism, the National Museum, the Petrin Hill and so on.

Some other activities

If you want to stay inside and taste some great Czech beer, then why not join us on a Czech beer dinner where you taste the strongest beer made in all of Prague. If you would rather see what Prague looks like from the River Vltava, then a river cruise with some food is always a great program while in Prague!

Apart from the activities and programs we listed in the city there are several other things to do in Prague. If you want to know more information on the programs and activities in the city check the following site.

Christmas markets in Prague in 2013

Christmas is approaching and so are the traditional Christmas markets in Prague. The official opening of the two most important and biggest Christmas markets in Prague will take place on November 30th.

Christmas markets in Prague in 2013The biggest and most famous Christmas market in Prague is located in the heart of the city at the Old Town Square. Here you can see the lightening of the Christmas tree every day at 17.00. In addition there will be live music, concerts and lots of delicious food and handicraft for the visitors coming to this market, so make sure not to miss out on it when coming to Prague.

The other big Christmas markets in Prague in 2013 will be arranged at the Wencel square. This is only a five minute walk from the Old Town Square, so it is very easy to visit both markets in one evening (if one evening is all that you have got in Prague). You can buy very similar stuff at both markets, but still there is a different atmosphere to both of them, so make sure to spend some hours at both locations.

If you want even more Christmas markets, then visit the one at the Republic Square or the so called Havel Market.

You can find more information about the Christmas markets in Prague at the following page.

The Christmas market at the Old Town square will be open until January 1st while the market at the Wencel square will be open until January 12th.

Recommended Prague hotels spring 2013

There are more than 600 hotels and apartments to choose between when you come to Prague. That is quite a lot and not all of them are as good as the others. That is why we have written about several hotels in our Prague Guide.

If you come to Prague in the spring of 2013 we have some hotel recommendations for you. The three hotels mentioned have good prices, very central location and great reviews, thus it should make you feel calm and sure about the hotel as you proceed and book a room in any of these.

Go ahead and enjoy Prague.

Recommended hotels:
Hotel Paris (*****)
Hotel Rott (****)
Cloister Inn (***)

Prague hotell

Recommended Prague hotels

Prague hotels
Prague hotels
If you are coming to Prague to celebrate the end of the winter or maybe to welcome to spring we have some good hotel recommendations for you. These hotels are nicely located in the center of Prague and they have good prices availble for its visitors. Except from the Hotel Merkur everyone have good quality. Look around, and hopefully you should find a place suitable for you and your financial capacity.

Five stars
U Prince
Eurostars Thalia (cheap)

Four stars
Ramada Prague City Centre
Hotel Rott (great location)

Three stars
Atlantic Hotel
Hotel Merkur (cheap, but bad quality)

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