Are you staying in Prague, but interested in going on a day excursion to some other city in the Czech Republic or a nearby country? We can help you out!

We can arrange with private drivers who will pick you up in your Prague hotel in the morning and take you to interesting destinations such as Cesky Krumlov, Brno, Berlin, Bratislava, Dresden and Vienna.

The prices are for the transfer to the given city. If you want the driver to take you back to Prague at the end of the day an additional cost of 220 CZK per hour for 1-4 persons and 260 CZK per hour for 5-8 persons (which is the time the driver has to wait).

dey excursion to cesky krumlov
What about a day trip to Cesky Krumlov? Jan S. / Shutterstock

Transfer prices from Prague:

Transfer from Prague to Cesky Krumlov:

  • 1-4 persons: 4200 CZK
  • 5-8 persons: 5000 CZK

Transfer from Prague to Brno:

  • 1-4 persons: 4400 CZK
  • 5-8 persons: 5200 CZK

Transfer from Prague to Berlin:

  • 1-4 persons: 6800 CZK
  • 5-8 persons: 8200 CZK

Transfer from Prague to Bratislava:

  • 1-4 persons: 6700 CZK
  • 5-8 persons: 7700 CZK

Transfer from Prague to Dresden:

  • 1-4 persons: 3700 CZK
  • 5-8 persons: 4400 CZK

Transfer from Prague to Vienna:

  • 1-4 persons: 6700 CZK
  • 5-8 persons: 7700 CZK

Important before booking

For all these transfers 1000 CZK has to be paid upon booking, while the remaining amount is to be paid directly to the driver. The waiting time at the destination (220 / 260 CZK per hour) is to be paid in addition to the set price.

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