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It is very good and relaxing to know that someone is waiting for you at the airport as you arrive in a new city. You do not need to stress around looking for public transportation and get lost in town after a long travel!

So, why not arrange for a private driver to meet you and your travel buddies at the airport? After this, he will escort you to the car, and within minutes you will find yourself in the center of Prague, safely checking in at your hotel.

In Prague, airport transfers are quite cheap, and at the same time, it gives you a great start on your vacation days in the capital of the Czech Republic!

If you want to book an airport transfer in Prague right now, fill in the forms below. If you want a return transfer in addition to your airport pick-up. please write the time you want to be picked up at your hotel for the return to the airport again in the comment field.

Our driver will wait for you in the arrival hall at the airport with a sign with your name on it and take you directly to your hotel in Prague. This is a private transfer, not a shared transfer of any kind.

Prague Airport transfer prices

  • 1-4 persons: from 38 euros.
  • 5-8 persons: from 52 euros.
  • 9-12 persons: from 1740 CZK
  • 13-16 persons: from 1980 CZK
  • 17 -> persons: that can be arranged as well…

In case a return transfer is requested, the same prices are valid for the return transfer.

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Prague Airport Transfer

Some of the most important sights in Prague

It is amazing to get a good start on your stay in Prague with a cheap and efficient airport transfer. But what will you do during the rest of your stay in Prague? The city has a lot to offer, and you have probably read about several of the most famous attractions in the city already. But let us tell you about some of the most important sights you should check out in Prague.

Make sure to walk around in the old town.

Walking might not be one specific attraction, but it is one of the most important activities you will do in Prague. When you arrive at the airport, walk to your driver and get to your Prague hotel as quickly as possible. And then, it is time to start walking. Walk up and down the streets of the old town and discover the amazing buildings and all the special streets and the atmosphere of the city. As you walk between the Vltava River, the Old Town Square, the Jewish district, and more, you will simply have a stunning time, and you will also realize that large parts of Prague can actually be discovered on foot.

Walk across the Charles Bridge and visit the Castle area

When you have walked around in the Old Town for a while, make sure to walk across the Charles Bridge. Spend a few minutes on the bridge listening to the musicians playing nice music (if they are there), and make sure to touch the sacred statue on the bridge that will bring you good luck in the future.

Then it is time to start the enjoyable walk towards the castle area, the Vitus cathedral, and everything included. There are so many details in the area, and if you have some time, walk around in the streets that might seem uninteresting, as there are gems to discover everywhere. When you finish your walk in the castle area, make sure to head back towards the old town in a different way.

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise at the river.

We all need food to survive in Prague, and a very enjoyable way to spend an evening is by eating nice food on a river cruise. As you do, you will both be able to see the magnificent buildings of Prague by night while you listen to music (on some of the cruises), and eat tasty local food.

But it all starts with a good airport transfer.

You have so much to look forward to in Prague but do not forget that it all starts with a pleasant and good airport transfer. Do your booking right now and ensure you get a great start on your stay in Prague.

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  1. Hudson says:

    This worked very well. Our driver waited for us upon arrival and took us directly to the hotel. We had a great stay in Prague, and got a great start with this airport transfer.

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