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What kind of electrical plugs should I prepare for in Prague?
220V, 50Hz AC. This means, if you come from Great Britain, Malta and the States you will probably need a converter. For the rest of us this should work out fine.

What should I know about taxis and Prague?
Feel free to use them, but you better order it via phone, or let your hotel or the restaurant do it for you. If you just jump into a cab you will often pay much more than if it is ordered beforehand.

Should I tip in restaurants? If yes, how much?
It is normal to pay service fees as you visit restaurants in Prague, and it is also normal to tip the taxi driver taking you around. The level of the tip is normally between 10-15%. Always check your bill in restaurants, as some restaurants add the tip to the bill automatically.

What is the best way to get hold of the Czech Koruna?
The best way is normally to use an ATM. You can change in the offices on the street as well. Read more on our currency page!

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