Public transportation

Prague has a rich and well-working public transportation system where you can choose between buses, trams, metros and an enjoyable funicular. There are all kind of tickets for the public transportation; single tickets, day passes, three day passes and five day tickets. Outside these you can also buy monthly, three monthly and a full year pass. Tickets need to be validated before entering into the metro system, or as you board the bus or the tram.

Historic tram in Prague
Historic tram in Prague

Prague metro lines:
There are three lines in Prague; a green, a yellow and a red line. The first line starts around 5.00 in the morning and lasts until 24.00. The metros run regularly so there is no need to study timetables!

Prague metro map:

Below you can see a map presenting the three different metro lines in Prague.

prague metro map

Buses and trams in Prague:
The buses and trams start around 4.30 in the morning and travel until approximately midnight. Between midnight and 4.30 there are some night buses travelling.

The Funicular:

There is a funicular bringing you up to the Petrin Hill. During main season this leaves between every 10th and 15th minute. Frist trip leaves around 9 in the morning. You can read more about the Petrin Hill here.

Prague public transportation price list:

You can buy tickets for public transportation from ticket machines all across the city and also by the metro stations. How much does a ticket cost?

  • Valid for 30 minutes: 30 CZK
  • Valid for 60 minutes: 40 CZK
  • Valid for 24 hours: 120 CZK
  • Valid for 72 hours: 330 CZK

Children travel free with public transportation until they reach the age of 15.