Where can I watch the European Championship in football in Prague?

where to watch football in prague euro 2024

Are you lucky enough to spend some days in Prague during the European Championship in football? Is your favorite country playing a match one of the days, or are you so enthusiastic about football that you want to watch every single match, even if you cheer for the teams or not? Where can you go in Prague to watch France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, and of course, the Czech Republic play their matches in the championship?

There are lots of sources online saying all kinds of things about where you can watch the European Championship in football in Prague. Many pages are completely out of date and tell you about big screens located at the Wenceslas square and at the Old Town Square. That would be awesome, but unfortunately, it isn’t true. These are squares you should visit during your trip to Prague, but if you want to watch football, you need to go somewhere else. Where should you go?

Places where you can watch the European Championship in football in Prague.

The experience is best if you can share it hundreds of outdoors in nice temperatures and while the sun is shining. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of open-air locations where you can watch the European Championship in football, and the locations where it is possible all belong to bars and pubs, meaning that you need a reservation and that you cannot just come and go as you feel like it.

PARK Riegrovy sady

This park is located a bit outside the city center of Prague, but it has a big screen and it is a fantastic place to watch the matches online. There are 1000 seats available that must be booked beforehand for the matches where the Czech Republic will play. They will show matches on all other days as well, but you don’t need to book a table beforehand in the same way. The nearest tram and metro station to the location is “Jiřího z Poděbrad“.

Manifesto Andel

If you want to watch the matches in a cool location in Prague, Manifesto Andel is a place where you can eat a delicious hamburger with fries, get a nice cocktail or a cold beer, and watch the matches from the European Championship in football.

It is very important to book your spot beforehand, especially if it is a very important match, and even more important if it is in the evening. You can find the Manifesto Market website at https://www.manifestomarket.com/prague/andel/en/.

Hard Rock Cafe

There will be lots of bars, restaurants, and cafés showing the matches at screens during the tournament, but one of the best places to go if you want to combine delicious food, great drinks, and an awesome atmosphere in Hard Rock Cafe in Prague. The legendary place will show every single match during the tournament, but once again, if you want to secure a spot in the restaurant at a place where you can see the screen, reserve a table as quickly as possible!

euro 2024 menu in Hard Rock Cafe in Prague

A big advantage with Hard Rock Cafe is that it is in the very center of Prague, only a few hundred meters from the Old Town Square. Hard Rock Cafe also has a special menu available for people arriving to watch the European Championship in football in which you can combine several meals or buy a drink package with five beers, or if you are a lot of people, why not buy a package of 25 bottled beers instead?

These are some of the locations in Prague where you can watch the European Championship in football. But, there are lots of sports bars all around the city, and as we mentioned earlier, lots of restaurants, cafes, and bars will add screens so that their visitors can watch the different matches during the tournament (and so that the employees can follow the event as well).

Do you have further insight, tips, or advice about where people should go to watch the European Championship in football in Prague? Write a comment below!

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