Czech Beer Festival

The Czech Beer festival is one of the most popular events in the Czech Republic and in Prague as well. The festival takes place at the beginning of May in the really central of Prague every year and it is the biggest beer festival in the Czech Republic.

beer festival czech republic

At the festival, visitors will have the chance to discover the best Czech authentic beers and foods. During the Czech Beer Festival, visitors will be introduced to the real Czech beers and you can try more than 100 different kinds of beers by large, midsize and small breweries. In addition to tasting local beers, there will also be lots of music and concerts, there are more than 4000 seats where you can enjoy your drink and so much more.

At the 30-day long festival, visitors can not only drink the best Czech beers but they will have the chance to try the most delicious traditional meals and freshly baked goods. On this occasion, you will experience the real beer festival feeling with the best foods, drinks, and services. During the beer festival, there will be plenty of live concerts and other programs for your entertainment.

If you come to the Beer Festival in Prague then you will, for example, to be able to taste beer produced by these and lots of breweries:

Krusowice, Breznak, Starobrno, Ferdinand, Louny, Klaster, Valasek, Primator, Zatec, Holba, Rebel, Poutnik, Svijany, Uhersky, Krakonos and many others.

Czech Beer Festival

Czech Beer Festival 2019 dates and location

The event was canceled in 2019. Will it ever return? We don’t know yet. To find out more about the reason for the cancelation, check the following article: “Why was the Czech Beer festival canceled?”

Here you can see a map showing the location of the Letna Park.

Beer Festival map

Czech Beer festival news.

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