Náprstek Museum

Naprstek Museum

If you want to know more about other cultures, and if you might feel like you have seen enough “Czech culture” for a while, then check out the Naprstek Museum in Prague. The reason? This museum does not have to do anything with the Czech Republic, but it deals with Asian, African and American cultures.

The museum has some permanent exhibitions about Australia and America, and from time to time they have some very interesting temporary exhibitions, so the museum is worth visiting. It is closed on Mondays and has an entrance fee to the permanent exhibition on 80 CZK.

Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures
Betlémské náměstí 1, 110 00 Praha 1

How to get to the museum?
Tram 6, 9, 18, 22, 23: Národní
Subway B:Národní třída

Exhibitions in the Náprstek Museum
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