Hard Rock Cafe

Wherever you go around the world, you can almost always find a Hard Rock Cafe there, at least if it is an important destination for tourists. And noone would say anything else than that Prague works as a magnet on tourists and millions of them come to the city every year. So as you visit Prague, you will have the chance to visit Hard Rock Cafe as well. This popular restaurant serves the best burgers in Prague, and you can also get fajitas, nachos and all kinds of long-drinks and other drinks.

You will also find a Hard Rock Cafe store in the restaurant where you can buy your favorite Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts, glasses and other Hard Rock Cafe effects.

The location of Hard Rock Cafe in Prague is ideal, only one minute from the Old Town Square, in the same building as the popular Hotel Rott.

Hard Rock Cafe Prague
Dům U Rotta, Malé náměstí 3, Prague, Česká Republika

Hard Rock Cafe Prague pictures

Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona

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