Lower prices on airport transfers in Prague!

Christmas is approaching, and to celebrate the festivities and joy of Christmas, we have lowered the prices of our airport transfer services in Prague.

An airport transfer is an ideal way to start your trip to Prague. It will take you quickly and efficiently to your hotel, and it will help you save time and get to your hotel as quickly as possible. Some people enjoy looking around at the airport and checking prices here and there, looking for public transportation possibilities, and then drinking a coffee, before they decide to go for one option or the other. But, if you want to get as quickly as possible to your hotel, a pre-booked airport transfer is an ideal solution.

Cheap airport transfer in Prague
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

The price changes for the airport transfers

Earlier, the price for an airport transfer for 1-3 persons was 873 CZK. We have now changed this price, making it 150 CZK cheaper, which means the final price now is 713 CZK (30 USD / 27 Euro / 279 NOK / 298 SEK).

Our previous price for a group of 4-8 persons was 1088 CZK. We have lowered this price with 150 CZK as well, making the new price for such kind of transfers 938 CZK ( 40 USD / 36 Euro / 373 NOK / 391 SEK ).

We hope you like the sound of these prices changes as you come to Prague. If you want to read more about our airport transfer service, make a booking, or just see the prices for even larger groups, visit our airport transfers page immediately.

Enjoy your stay in Prague. Do not forget, we can also help you with a booking of a river cruise, a beer dinner, or a guided tour of some sort. Look around at www.praguepraha.com and be inspired!

Maybe you need to send your beer dinner request again…

Recently we discovered that there has been some trouble with our beer dinner request form. The result of the problem is that we haven’t received any of the requests that have been made on the website.

Programs in Prague
Source: Pixabay

If you have requested a beer dinner in the period between July 15th and August 5th, you haven’t received any information, invoice or answer from us, and that is because we haven’t received your request. This is again due to an error with the contact form. This has now been fixed, meaning that you can once again request beer dinners and other Prague programs here in our Prague Guide.

Contact us for more information or if you want to enjoy such a program!

Daily pictures from Prague and the Czech Republic on Steemit!

Are you a big fan of Prague? Would you like to get a daily dose of beautiful Prague pictures, and even more pictures from the Czech Republic? Head over to Steemit!

Steemit is a platform for bloggers, photographers, travelers, journalists, writers, video-bloggers, and so many more. But, it isn’t just for those creating material. It is also for the normal guy on the street who just wants to read interesting articles and look at amazing pictures.

An example of a participant in the daily photo competition hosted by Czech Global Hosts
An example of a participant in the daily photo competition hosted by Czech Global Hosts

And, if you want to watch beautiful pictures from the Czech Republic every day, and maybe even take part in a photo competition in which you can even win money, then visit Czech Global Hosts on Steemit. On his profile, you will see daily photo competitions, and in these, anyone can take part and share their pictures from the Czech Republic. The 15 best pictures every day will be rewarded, and it is possible for anyone to take part.

All you need to take part in the competition is a Steemit profile, and that is something you can easily get by registering on the Steemit website. Who knows, maybe the pictures you made in Prague can be used for more than just getting dusty in an old photo album (or on a rusty hard-drive)?

If you just want to watch the pictures and have a good time, no registration is needed at all!

Cesky Krumlov - a beauty in the Czech Republic!
Cesky Krumlov – a beauty in the Czech Republic!

Cesky Krumlov, as seen on the picture above, is a city you will often meet during the photo competitions. It is a beautiful city with some fantastic buildings, an awesome atmosphere, and with possibilities of making fantastic panorama pictures.

Head over to Steemit and take a look, we are sure you will have a good time! If you have questions or comments related to this, just write a comment beneath!

Czech Beer Festival 2018

This year is a fantastic year for tourists coming to Prague, and once again one of the highlights of the year is the annual beer festival.

Beer festival coming up in Prague
Beer festival coming up in Prague

The Czech beer festival has been arranged for years and years, and it is a giant success every year. This year it will open on May 10th and the festival will last until May 26th. That means you have 17 days to enjoy cold Czech beer and all sorts of brands that you have never even heard about before. There is a small entrance fee to enter the festival area, but for as little as 100 CZK you get the right to enter into the festival area every single day of the festival, which truly is a ridiculously low price.

Are you coming to town some other time and want to taste the strongest beer in all of Prague? Read more about our beer dinner in Prague right here.

You should also be warned. April has been incredibly hot in Prague, and so far May has started the same way. Do not forget to drink a lot, bring some sun lotion, and be careful with the combination of strong sun and lots of alcohol! Enjoy your stay!

What is the distance from Prague Airport to downtown Prague?

Václav Havel Airport is the official name of the airport in Prague. It is located within the city borders, but still outside the heart of the city. What is the distance between the airport and downtown Prague?

The official airport in Prague is enjoying more and more passengers every single year. It is expected to surpass a total of 15,000,000 passengers in 2017, and that number will just keep on growing in 2018 as well. According to Wikipedia, it is located about 12 km outside the city center of Prague.  If you do a cross-check on Google Maps, you will, however, see that the real distance between Prague Airport and downtown Prague (the Old Town square) is rather 16-17km. That isn’t much of a distance either, at least not compared to the Ciampino Airport in Rome which is 30km outside the city center. If you compare it with Stansted Airport in London, then it is like a dream (as Stansted is located more than 60km outside London).

from Prague airport to city-center of Prague

How much time does the ride take from Prague Airport to downtown?

If you jump in a taxi (or book an airport transfer with us), then the travel time should be quick. Depending on the location of your hotel or apartment, you should, however, calculate a travel time of 25-40 minutes. It might be quicker sometimes, but in general, it takes between 25-40 minutes.

Want to use public transportation to get from the airport to downtown?

You can also travel with public transportation from Prague Airport to downtown. You can then first travel by bus 119 to the stop  Nádraží Veleslavín (7 stops). There you will jump on the tram which will take you to Staroměstská which is in the city center of Prague. From there you just walk on to wherever you want to be downtown Prague.

What to do when you arrive in Prague?

When you get to Prague downtown, there are millions of things to do. You can read around in our Prague Guide to find ideas and inspiration. Some of the most popular programs in Prague are for sure the river cruises, the guided tour and of course shopping. We hope you will find inspiration as you read, and we wish you a fantastic stay in Prague.


Want a limousine airport transfer in Prague?

limousine airport transfer pragueWe have offered airport transfers in Prague for a long time, but just now we broadened our offer, meaning that we can also arrange with a limousine airport transfer for those wanting the little extra!

We are in a really great mood today. Not only did we make our services bigger, but we also lowered the prices on the normal airport transfer. You heard us right, we lowered the prices. For a normal airport transfer for 1-4 persons the price was just lowered from 900 CZK to 795 CZK, meaning that more money is left for you to enjoy your stay in Prague afterwards.  And if you look for activities and ideas for what to do in Prague, look around in our Prague Guide where you can read about river cruises, beer dinners and interesting excursions.

If you want a limousine to wait for you at the airport, then you can choose between a Lincoln limousine or a Hummer. These are both fantastic and will give you and your travel mates a fantastic start on your trip. Read more about the airport transfers in Prague right here.


A fantastic May month in Prague

May is one of the most fantastic months every year. The temperatures get better and better, and it is a month with lots of events taking place in Prague.

The information given in the start of this article is true mostly every year. But, in 2017 May seems to become an even better month than normal. There will be lots of events taking place in Prague, and starting in only two days from now with the annual Prague marathon. You can read more about this and other events in Prague here in the Prague Guide.

A few days after the Prague Marathon, a fantastic artist will come to town. His name is Andre Rieu, and fans of classical music will for sure enjoy his concert in the O2 Arena.

Prague in May 2017
Prague in May 2017

After Andre Rieu has been to the O2 Arena, Lord of the Dance will perform with their Dangerous Games program. And the people of Prague only need to sleep once before it is time for the worlds most famous circus performance, Cirque du Soleil, to come to Prague. They will perform several nights in Prague, but on May 22nd it is stop, because then Deep Purple will take control over the O2 Arena as they have their concert there. Two days after that Depeche mode will have a fantastic concert in Prague, and then the month will end with several Rammstein concerts.

If you want to buy a ticket for any of these or some other Prague event, visit Viagogo.

If you want help with a river cruise, a beer dinner or some other program in Prague during this period, hurry up and do your booking today! Read more and book such programs here in our Prague Guide.

That ain’t everything!

So far we have only mentioned concerts and events, and a marathon, but let us not forget that May is the month for the annual Czech beer festival in Prague. This event lasts for 2 1/2 week every year in May, so do not miss out on in if you are a fan of Prague, the Czech Republic and of beer.

Do you have any other programs you would recommend to people coming to Prague in May? Write a comment!

Watch Czech Netflix outside the Czech Republic

Finally the days when Netflix did not exist in the Czech Republic is history! Since the start of January in 2016 Netflix is available on the Czech market and if you visit netflix.com you can start your 30 day free trial also in the Czech Republic. There are lots of great films and TV series available already so do like us and get your Netflix subscription today!

Maybe you already have a Netflix subscription and would like to watch it while in Prague? That is no problem, just visit Netflix.com and get started. But, what if you come to Prague and would like to watch US Netflix while in the Czech Republic? Is that possible?

netflix in Czech Republic

Of course it is possible and what you need in order for this to work is to get yourself an American IP address. You can get that easily using a VPN service like HideMyAss. If you visit their website and sign up for their services, then you only need to download the HideMyAss client and connect to a server in the USA. Once connected you will have an American IP address and then you can watch US Netflix in the Czech Republic at once.

Watch Czech Netflix abroad

In the same way you can use HideMyAss to get yourself a Czech IP address. Connect to a server in the Czech Republic and once connected you can visit the Netflix website again and then you will be able to watch Czech Netflix from outside the Czech Republic. That is how easy it is and in this way you can easily switch between the different Netflix regions and watch region free Netflix in a few minutes from now!

Have fun watching region free Netflix and watching Czech Netflix from outside the Czech Republic and watching US and other Netflix regions from the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic was not the only nation to receive Netflix in the start of January in 2016. Together with the Czech Republic more than 120 other nations also gained access to Netflix, for example Poland, Slovakia and Hungary! For more Netflix news and information about swapping Netflix regions and new films and TV series added to Netflix visit netflix.fromabroad.org.

Upon arrival to the Czech Republic most titles were available in the original language and with English subtitles, but in a few months this will for sure turn much better and most content will be available with local subtitles and maybe also synchronized voices?

Autumn is a busy time in Prague

The autumn is here and we notice this very much here in our Prague Guide. There are lots of visitors surfing our sites and we get lots of requests for help with arranging river cruises, beer dinners and similar programs daily.


That is why we recommend all our readers who come to Prague to get in touch with us as soon as possible if you want to book some sort of activity in Prague, because it is nothing worse than looking forward to a beautiful river cruise in Prague, only to discover that the trips are fully booked.

Read more about all these Prague activities here in our Prague Guide and enjoy your trip!

Beer festival still going strong

beerTonight is the last day of the ice hockey world cup in Prague, and even though we are sad cause Czech Republic lost their bronze match against the USA, we are still curious to see whether Canada or Russia will win the gold medal in the tournament.

But, even if the hockey world cup goes towards an end tonight there is no need to despair, because the Czech Beer Festival is still going strong and it will last until next Saturday, so you still have six more evenings on which you can taste the fantastic Czech beer. So enjoy, and if you want to know more about other events, festivals and concerts taking place in Prague, then read more about whats on in Prague here.

Enjoy Prague, and do not forget that if the temperatures get really hot, then some sun lotion can be useful, because the sun can get really strong and make your nose nice and red if you do not put some lotion on it.