Watch the third season of Jack Ryan and enjoy the beautiful scenery from Prague.

The third season of the popular TV series Jack Ryan from Amazon Video was released before Christmas. It is the best season so far, especially due to the fantastic scenes recorded in Prague.

Jack Ryan has to travel all across Europe to stop an imminent attack from Russia upon Europe. Even though Jack Ryan starts by walking the streets of Athens, the most important city in the story is Prague. For this reason, there are lots of pictures of Prague and famous attractions throughout the third season of Jack Ryan.

The pictures above might not be very good, but it clearly shows that Prague is the story’s location. Those are screenshots from the first two episodes, but since Prague is a returning city throughout the season, you will also see more locations and pictures in the remaining episodes.

How is Prague involved in the story?

Prague and the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic are vital to the story from the first moment on. The Czech government is a close ally to the United States and NATO, and they are considering bringing more resources from NATO to the country. This isn’t something Russia likes, but while pretending to dislike it, central figures in Russia want this to happen. Why is that?

A Russian minister is killed in Prague during an official meeting with the Czech Prime Minister. This is a perfect excuse for Russia to blame the west and move troops toward the west. In the story, the Russians were the ones to kill their own Minister, and they did it all to give them an excuse to start a war with the west.

The incident wasn’t ordered by the Russian President, but by other leaders in the country and nationalists who desired to make the days return in which everyone feared Russia.

There are lots of negotiations and events taking place in Prague through the season, making it worth watching from start till end.

Is Jack Ryan worth watching?

Do you like action series? Do you like Prague? If you answer yes to both questions, you should give Jack Ryan a chance. Would you like to read more about the series and the story before you make a final decision? You can read more about the third season of Jack Ryan and where you can stream it online in the IP Address Guide.

A visit to Prague cannot be exchanged with a TV series, but why not enjoy both? 2023 will be a fantastic year in Prague, with many upcoming events, festivals, and concerts. Look around in our Prague Guide to find inspiration and information.

The beer dinner has returned!

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people enjoy a fantastic three-course beer dinner in Prague. Unfortunately, COVID-19 showed up, and for almost two years, we could not arrange the popular dinner for our guests. Now we are happy to let you know that the program has returned, and you can once again book a fantastic three-course beer dinner in Prague through our website.

The beer dinner is legendary for many reasons. Not only can you taste the strongest beer in the Czech Republic, you will also eat three courses in which beer is one of the ingredients. In other words, this is a program for those in love with beer.

Would you like to enjoy the beer dinner? You can read the full menu, find more information, and book the program here.

The beer dinner is a fantastic program. But we can help you with other programs such as airport transfers, river cruises, and similar programs as well. Look around in our Prague Guide for more information and help.

Which is the best beer in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is famous for all its breweries and fantastic beer. It is the country in the world with the most breweries per person in the country, counting more than 4000 breweries in total. That makes it hard to decide which beers to taste and drink as you come to Prague. We cannot give you a perfect answer to the question, but we will try to give you some help as you try to find the best beer in the Czech Republic.

Let us start by telling you something obvious. Beer tastes much better if you drink it with people you love and that you have a good time with. In other words, come to Prague with great friends and taste the different beers together with them.

The three most famous breweries in the Czech Republic.

But, which are the brands you should taste? There are several world-famous beer brands that originate from the Czech Republic. The most famous is the Pilsner Urquell brewery, where popular beers such as the Pilsner, Gambrinus, and Kozel beers are produced.

Another famous brewery is the Budweiser brewery. This is “only” the fourth largest brewery in the Czech Republic, but if you look at the export numbers, it is the second largest. As a result, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see Budweiser beers on the shelf in stores worldwide.

A third well-known brewery is Staropramen. They are first of all known for their Staropramen beer, but they also produce Ostravar, Branik, Velvet, and some others.

The best beers in the Czech Republic.

There is no such thing as the best beer in the Czech Republic. If you ask locals and/or tourists, they will all give you different answers. Some will say that the traditional Pilsner is the best, while others swear that the Gambrinus with a 4.3% alcohol content is the best.

There are some beer competitions from time to time, and in 2008, Kozel’s Medium won the award for the best Czech beer. But, it doesn’t really matter because what matters is what you feel when you drink the beer. Do you like it?

There are many lists online where people share their thoughts about the best beers in the Czech Republic. Some lists claim that Pilsner Urquell really is the best, while others say that this is just a commercial beer. It is still a fact that you will find it on the top of many lists, so you should definitely taste it as you come to Prague.

Taste local beer at a beer dinner in Prague.

Would you like to skip the commercial beers and rather taste beers from a local brewery in Prague? Does it sound cool to taste the strongest beer in all of the Czech Republic? You can do all of this if you come to the following beer dinner not far from the city center of Prague.

It is also possible to find a grocery store and buy 10-15 brands and then arrange your own beer tasting in your hotel room or apartment. Do not forget to buy some snack that you can eat in between as you need to cleanse your mouth between the different beers to feel the differences better.

No need to worry upon arrival at Václav Havel Airport Prague.

If you come to Prague with airlines such as WizzAir, RyanAir, Norwegian, Lufthansa, AirFrance, KLM, or other companies, you will most likely arrive at Václav Havel Airport Prague. Coming to a new airport can often be a stressful experience for some. Hopefully, your luggage will arrive as planned, but what then? How can you travel from the airport to your Prague hotel? Are there any hotels near the airport? In this article, we will answer some of the most asked questions by travelers coming to Václav Havel Airport in Prague.

Below you can find some of the questions asked by thousands of visitors every year. Maybe some of the questions don’t interest you, but hopefully, you will find an answer to the questions that you have.

prague airport

How far is Prague Airport from the city center?

Prague Airport is located approximately 15km from the city center of Prague. This is a distance that can be covered with a car or with a taxi in about 30 minutes, all depending on where you live in Prague. If you don’t live in the Old Town near the Old Town square, but closer to Prague castle, the distance is shorter and the travel time is also shorter.

Can I travel from Prague Airport by public transportation?

There are several options for those who want to travel from Prague Airport to the city center using public transportation in one way or another. Prague Airport has two terminals, and there are buses connecting these with the main railway station in Prague. This is an option ideal for those with a hotel close to the railway station or for those who plan on traveling to other destinations in the Czech Republic using the railway system. You must buy tickets for the ride in the visitors center at the airport or directly from the driver. Public transportation tickets cannot be used for this ride.

Would you rather use a combination of a bus and a metro to get to Prague from the airport? You can travel by bus 119 from the airport to Veleslavín train station. This is located by the green metro. There you can change to the metro and travel to the city center of Prague. Would you like to plan your travel in more detail? You can find a metro map for Prague and ticket prices for the public transportation here.

You need to buy public transportation tickets before boarding the bus at the airport. You can buy tickets from ticket machines or in the visitors’ center at the airport.

I need to sleep one night close to the airport. Where should I stay?

If you need a hotel very close to Prague Airport, there are three top selections for you. If you select any of these, you can easily walk from your hotel to the airport, but the hotels are also at your assistance in case you need further help. These are ideal for late arrivals and early departures.

Courtyard by Marriott Prague Airport

Would you like to live in a four-star hotel very close to the airport? This might be your best choice!

marriott Prague airport

This hotel is perfect for those who want luxury and effectiveness near the airport. Every room has a working desk and ergonomic chairs, and free WiFi is an obvious service the hotel provides. The hotel has its own restaurant, which also means that you can get a delicious and warm meal served if you get hungry during your stay in the hotel.

The hotel is also ideal if you have a very early departure from Prague and you’d rather spend the last night near the airport so you don’t have to stress downtown Prague early in the morning.

Holiday Inn Prague Airport

Would you like to live in a different hotel? Is the previous hotel fully booked? Here you have another option with four stars located very close to Prague airport.

Holiday Inn Prague Airport

This hotel is extremely close to the arrival and departure hall at Prague airport (only 400 meters). It is ideal for travelers who want to live in very clean rooms with all the necessary services available. If you want a drink in the middle of the night, a bar is open 24/7 in the lobby. The hotel has a restaurant, sound-proofed rooms, fitness center, and free WiFi in all areas of the hotel.

Would you like something different?


This is a very special place to stay near Prague airport. The truth is, a part of this hotel is inside the terminal building of Prague Airport, making it ideal for those who want a bed to sleep in inside the actual terminal building.

aero rooms prague

As you can see from the images above, this hotel isn’t comparable with the previous two options when it comes to luxury. But, if you compare this with sleeping at a chair in the terminal building, it is way better. This might be an option for you. Click the link below to read more about the hotel and to check prices at

Now that you know where to stay near Prague Airport, let us move on to the next question.

How much does an airport transfer cost in Prague?

Prices are always changing, but currently, it is possible to book an airport transfer in Prague in advance at 750 CZK for 1-4 persons. It is cheaper to use public transportation, but it is a very different level of convenience. A taxi driver will take you straight to the door of your hotel, while you need to change between a bus and a metro, and then either walk more, or travel more with trams, buses, or metro if the first metro line doesn’t take you directly to the location of your hotel.

Can I park my car at Prague Airport?

It is possible to park your car at Prague Airport, both short-term and long-term. If you drive to Prague airport to pick up passengers, you are allowed to wait for 15 minutes once per day in the express car park. If you stay more than 15 minutes, you will have to pay 100 CZK for the next 15 minutes, and then 100 CZK per half hour after that.

There are other options for those who want to accompany their family members to the terminal (available at 80 CZK per hour). If you want to leave your car at the airport long-term, then you can read more about such services and book your airport parking right here.

What can I eat at Prague Airport?

Are you going to be hungry while waiting at Prague Airport? There are several options if you want something to eat at Prague airport.

  • Marché Mövenpick
  • Restaurat Pilsner Urquell
  • Porto Restaurant
  • Runway Restaurant
  • Costa Coffee
  • Burger King
  • Pizza Hut
  • KFC
  • UGO Fresh Bar
  • Paul (French Bakery)

These are some of the options available if you want something to eat and drink, or just need a cup of coffee in the morning at Prague Airport.

What can my kids do while waiting at Prague Airport?

Are you traveling with kids? There are several playrooms at the airport where your kids can play while waiting. If you combine this with a children’s meal at Burger King, you should probably feel quite comfortable before traveling from Prague Airport. There are several toilets and bathrooms where you can change diapers at the airport. In case of emergency, there is a Lego store at the airport.

Can I get married at Prague Airport?

I am just joking. None really asks that question, but if you really had that question, the answer is yes! It is possible to get married at Prague Airport. You can read more about how it all works on this page.

prague airport wedding

Can I drink the tap water at Prague Airport?

The tap water at Prague Airport and in the rest of the Czech Republic is clean and safe to drink. If you are worried, buy bottled water, but there is no need to worry.

Are you coming to Prague for Christmas this year?

It is awesome to finally be able to travel freely once again. There is no need for masks and life is back to normal. As a result, we expect hundreds of thousands of people to come to Prague for the Christmas markets again in 2022. Are you going to be one of them?

Christmas in Prague
A picture from the fantastic Christmas market at the Old Town Square in Prague. Source: Pixabay

This year the Christmas markets will open on November 26th and they will remain open until January 6th. The day on which the Christmas markets close is the same every year, but there is always a little exciting to see the date on which they will open.

But, you don’t have to wait and look around anymore, because they will open on November 26th.

You should be aware, however, that it will be very crowded as they open. But, that is part of the magic and what brings the Christmas atmosphere to us all.

Would you like to know more about the Christmas markets in Prague?

You can find all the information you need about the Christmas markets in Prague right here.

Can I watch Formula 1 in the Czech Republic?

Is the such a thing as a Czech Grand Prix? Can I watch a Formula 1 race in the Czech Republic?

Many of the countries near the Czech Republic arrange Formula 1 races. In Germany, they have a long history of arranging Formula 1 races. In Austria, they still arrange the annual Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. In Hungary, the Hungarian Grand Prix is arranged, and the Russian Grand Prix is arranged in Sochi.

But, what about the Czech Republic?

Formula 1 in the Czech Republic

Formula 1 in the Czech Republic in 2020

There are no Formula 1 races arranged in the Czech Republic as of 2020. If you are a Formula 1 enthusiast, you better travel to Hungary or to Austria instead to watch a Formula 1 race there. It is also possible to watch all the Formula 1 races and other sports events online, but that can never be compared to actually watching the Formula 1 races at the Formula 1 track.

But, there was a time when they arranged Formula 1 races in the Czech Republic!

Czechoslovakian Grand Prix

Between 1930 and 1988, there were several Formula 1 races arranged at Masaryk Circuit, a track located in Brno. The name was later changed to Brno Circuit.

Since 1988, there have been no Formula 1 races in the Czech Republic, and nothing tells us that there will be any races arranged in the country in the near future.

But, Brno Circuit is still in use, and every year there are fantastic sports events held here. In other words, you cannot watch Formula 1 on the track, but you can watch other events.

The most important events at Brno Circuit

The most important event at Brno Circuit is the Motorcycle Grand Prix of the Czech Republic. It has been arranged there since 1950, and it is the most famous race in the Czech Republic each year.

The venue has also used for the FIA World Touring Car Championship, FIA GT1 World Championship, Formula Two and the Superbike World Championship.

The coronavirus in Prague and in the Czech Republic (Updated March 19.)

The entire world is speaking about the coronavirus at the moment. We read about people getting infected, people dying, and about big precautions made in order for people not to get infected. But, should you cancel your trip to Prague for that reason?

Please be aware of the fact that this is not health advice. This is simply about sharing information about the situation in Prague and in the Czech Republic. Your personal health is always more important than a trip to the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. But, should you cancel your trip to Prague?

The latest news on the coronavirus from Prague and the Czech Republic!

coronavirus in prague
The coronavirus in the Czech Republic and in Prague

The Coronavirus in Prague and in the Czech Republic

What’s happening in Prague? – March 19.

People are only allowed to be outside if they visit family members, go to work, or if they visit a grocery store or a pharmacy. Only people from the Czech Republic are allowed to enter the country, and people from the Czech Republic are not allowed to leave the country.

  • 89 new people were diagnosed with the coronavirus on March 16.
  • 67 new people were diagnosed with the coronavirus on March 17.
  • 72 new people were diagnosed with the coronavirus on March 18.

The total number (officially) of people with the Covid-19 virus in the Czech Republic is now 522.

Are you living in isolation in the Czech Republic? Or are you at home, sad that you were unable to visit Prague? Check this video for some suggestions on what to watch on Netflix. Would you rather read an article with recommendations? Check the following website:

Coronavirus in Prague

The numbers are getting higher – March 16.

  • 25 new people were diagnosed with the virus on March 13.
  • 48 new people were diagnosed with the virus on March 14.
  • 109 new people were diagnosed with the virus on March 15.

Based on these numbers, the total number of people infected by the virus in the Czech Republic is now 253. As of today, people should only be outside as they travel to and from work, as they go to the grocery store, or as they visit family.

Stricter Rules – March 13.

22 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the Czech Republic yesterday. To stop it from spreading, they have declared a 30-day emergency. In this period, restaurants will only be open between 6.00 and 20.00, while swimming pools, galleries, and libraries will be closed. Events with more than 30 people are prohibited. Borders are closed, and people will only be allowed to enter the Czech Republic on 11 different border points. People from high-risk countries (including Germany and Austria) are not allowed to enter the Czech Republic, and the people in the Czech Republic are not allowed to visit those countries.

The Coronavirus in the Czech Republic – March 12.

All public events with more than 100 people attending are banned in the Czech Republic. All schools and universities are closed, and they are considering limiting the usage of public transportation. There are a total of 94 cases infected the virus in the Czech Republic. There are still no death cases caused by the virus.

People are recommended to stay indoor and travel as little as possible.

Are you bored inside? Here you can find recommendations for what to watch on Netflix while inside because of the coronavirus.

March 8.

The number of people infected by the coronavirus in the Czech Republic has raised to 26. Everyone with the virus is doing fine. They have tested almost 800 people for the virus so far. All the infected people have gotten the virus in connection to Northern Italy (22) or in connection with Boston (4).

From Monday, they will do fever tests on all the people entering the country at more than 10 different border-sites (between the Czech Republic and Germany and between the Czech Republic and Austria).

Coronavirus Prague

March 5.

People are worried about traveling, not only to Prague, but to other destinations as well. Some people are canceling their planned trips to Prague, not because the situation is so bad in Prague, but simply to take precautions.

All activities in Prague proceed as normal, people use public transportation, and all the boats on the Vltava river travel with normal schedules. But, people wash their hands more carefully, not only tourists, but also the locals.

March 4.

There will be held a biathlon competition in Nove Mesto this weekend. The city is located 165km from Prague. The event will be arranged without spectators, due to fear that it could help spread the coronavirus.

March 3.

The number of people infected in the Czech Republic by the Coronavirus has been raised to five. Two of the people infected were students who traveled from Milano to Vienna, to Budapest, to Brno, and then to Prague, meaning that they may have infected others on their way to Prague.

March 2.

Today we received news of the first three people in the Czech Republic infected by the coronavirus. All of them had been to the territory of Northern Italy. A university in Brno has told all their students to study from home and watch online lectures, and flights between areas in Northern Italy and the Czech Republic have been canceled, and that is also so for flights between Southern Korea and the Czech Republic.

There are still lots of tourists in Prague and they enjoy tourist activities like on any normal day!

March 1.

A couple of people who had been to Italy were hospitalized due to their symptoms. However, nobody has tested positively on the coronavirus test yet. Life in Prague goes on as normal and all tourist programs are available.

Lower prices on airport transfers in Prague!

Christmas is approaching, and to celebrate the festivities and joy of Christmas, we have lowered the prices of our airport transfer services in Prague.

An airport transfer is an ideal way to start your trip to Prague. It will take you quickly and efficiently to your hotel, and it will help you save time and get to your hotel as quickly as possible. Some people enjoy looking around at the airport and checking prices here and there, looking for public transportation possibilities, and then drinking a coffee, before they decide to go for one option or the other. But, if you want to get as quickly as possible to your hotel, a pre-booked airport transfer is an ideal solution.

Cheap airport transfer in Prague
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

The price changes for the airport transfers

Earlier, the price for an airport transfer for 1-3 persons was 873 CZK. We have now changed this price, making it 150 CZK cheaper, which means the final price now is 713 CZK (30 USD / 27 Euro / 279 NOK / 298 SEK).

Our previous price for a group of 4-8 persons was 1088 CZK. We have lowered this price with 150 CZK as well, making the new price for such kind of transfers 938 CZK ( 40 USD / 36 Euro / 373 NOK / 391 SEK ).

We hope you like the sound of these prices changes as you come to Prague. If you want to read more about our airport transfer service, make a booking, or just see the prices for even larger groups, visit our airport transfers page immediately.

Enjoy your stay in Prague. Do not forget, we can also help you with a booking of a river cruise, a beer dinner, or a guided tour of some sort. Look around at and be inspired!

Is it dangerous to go on a river cruise on the Vltava River in Prague?

The Vltava River is an amazing river as it floats through the city of Prague. More than 30km of the river can be found within the borders of Prague as the river crosses under 18 bridges, including the Charles Bridge. But, is the Vltava River to be considered a dangerous river?

After the river cruise accident in Budapest in May 2019, many tourists have been worried. They are not worried only before visiting Budapest, but also before booking a river cruise in Prague. Should they be worried? Do they have any reason to cancel a reservation or book some other activity instead?

Is it dangerous with river cruises in Prague?
River cruise in Prague – is it safe?

The Vltava River is a beautiful river and it has flooded several times. During floods, the water level rises, and because of the increased amount of water, so does the speed of the water. During times of flooding, one should pay even more attention than normally.

But, if you have ever done a river cruise in Budapest and in Prague, you will notice one big difference – there are no locks/dams/canals in Budapest. Here the boat goes on and on for hours without ever stopping. In Prague, it is very different, and you will normally spend quite some time in the canals moving from one level to another. This can be annoying, but it also makes sure that the current of the river within the borders of Prague is much weaker than it is in Budapest.

Still, you shouldn’t ever go for a swim in the river, and you should stay on board the boat. If you ever end up in the river, make sure to get back on the boat or to dry land as quickly as possible. All boats are equipped with life vests and other necessary safety equipment, in order to make you feel safe all along the way.

Always be cautious, but you don’t really need to worry!

A river might sound scary when you read about it or hear about an accident here or there. But, if you think of flying around 10,000 meters above the ground, it does sound scary as well. Luckily, the plane is keeping you safe up in the air, and the boat is keeping you safe while you enjoy a river cruise in Prague.

It does sound scary to travel on a train, traveling at a speed of 300km per hour (in case of an accident), but luckily, accidents rarely happen. And if they do, they might just as well happen on the way to the train as you walk across the road as during the actual train ride.

The Vltava River in Prague
The Vltava River in Prague

In the same way, river cruise accidents rarely happen, and if they do, the boats and the personel are there to help you out. In addition, the currents in Prague are much “nicer” than they are in Budapest, meaning that you have a much bigger chance of surviving with basic swimming skills in Prague (compared to Budapest). But once again – stay clear of the water!

Conclusion about river cruises in Prague

Enjoy life, and book a river cruise in Prague today. You shouldn’t worry, and you do not have to worry. Of course, you can live life worried and skip out on any program that has a sense of danger to them. But, if that is so, you should most likely stay in your room (which might be dangerous as well), because accidents can happen anywhere.

If you first visit Prague, make sure to enjoy the city and the view from a river cruise, and maybe especially in the evening when the city is more beautiful than ever.

Do you have any thoughts or questions about the river cruises in Prague, related to safety, or about the Vltava river? Ask your question or write your comment beneath this text!

What is the distance between Wenceslas Square and the Old Town square in Prague?

The Wenceslas Square and the Old Town square are very popular squares in the capital of the Czech Republic. They are also popular locations for the annual Christmas markets. But, what is the distance between the two squares? It is easy to walk from the Old Town square to the Wenceslas square on foot? Do you need to use public transportation to move between the squares?

If you haven’t been to Prague before, you might be nervous about the distances. Maybe you want to book a hotel located on the Wenceslas square, but you are worried that is will be far away from the Old Town square? Well, here we will give you the answers you have been looking for.

Map showing the walking distance between the Wenceslas Square and the Old Town square
Map showing the walking distance between Wenceslas Square and the Old Town square

The annual Christmas market has two main locations, the Wenceslas Square and the Old Town square. If you check the map above, you can see that it says the distance is 950 meters and that it should take approximately 10 minutes to walk the distance.

But, it is very important to notice that the final destination on the Wenceslas square is already far into the square. So, if we do the search again, but this time we only want to walk to the Merchants Crown Hotel. This is located at the very beginning of the Wenceslas square, the location of the square nearest to the Old Town Square.

Now the distance between the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas square is only 500 meters.
Now the distance between the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas square is only 500 meters.

As you can see, the ideal distance is 500 meters. So, if you walk the shortest path between the two squares, it should take you about 6 minutes and a 500-meter walk to get from the one square to the other square. And then you can still walk for 6 minutes to get to the other and of the Wenceslas square, but at least you are there.

It can also be nice to know that the annual Christmas market at the Wenceslas square is arranged at the start of the square, the part closest to the Old Town square.

Other cool things to do in the area!

If you are in the area of the Wenceslas square, why not enjoy our authentic Czech Beer dinner which is arranged only a few hundred meters from the square? You can read more about the beer dinner here.

Another idea is to join in on a river cruise in Prague. The tours we can help you arrange have their pick-up point in Na Prikope (the street at the start of the Wenceslas square), meaning they are also very close to the Wenceslas square.

Look around in the Prague Guide and be inspired as you plan your trip to Prague!