Watch Czech Netflix outside the Czech Republic

netflix in Czech Republic

Finally the days when Netflix did not exist in the Czech Republic is history! Since the start of January in 2016 Netflix is available on the Czech market and if you visit you can start your 30 day free trial also in the Czech Republic. There are lots of great films and TV series available already so do like us and get your Netflix subscription today!

Maybe you already have a Netflix subscription and would like to watch it while in Prague? That is no problem, just visit and get started. But, what if you come to Prague and would like to watch US Netflix while in the Czech Republic? Is that possible?

netflix in Czech Republic

Of course it is possible and what you need in order for this to work is to get yourself an American IP address. You can get that easily using a VPN service like HideMyAss. If you visit their website and sign up for their services, then you only need to download the HideMyAss client and connect to a server in the USA. Once connected you will have an American IP address and then you can watch US Netflix in the Czech Republic at once.

Watch Czech Netflix abroad

In the same way you can use HideMyAss to get yourself a Czech IP address. Connect to a server in the Czech Republic and once connected you can visit the Netflix website again and then you will be able to watch Czech Netflix from outside the Czech Republic. That is how easy it is and in this way you can easily switch between the different Netflix regions and watch region free Netflix in a few minutes from now!

Have fun watching region free Netflix and watching Czech Netflix from outside the Czech Republic and watching US and other Netflix regions from the Czech Republic.

[stbpro id=”info”]The Czech Republic was not the only nation to receive Netflix in the start of January in 2016. Together with the Czech Republic more than 120 other nations also gained access to Netflix, for example Poland, Slovakia and Hungary! For more Netflix news and information about swapping Netflix regions and new films and TV series added to Netflix visit[/stbpro]

[stbpro id=”warning”]Upon arrival to the Czech Republic most titles were available in the original language and with English subtitles, but in a few months this will for sure turn much better and most content will be available with local subtitles and maybe also synchronized voices?[/stbpro]

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