A fantastic May month in Prague

May is one of the most fantastic months every year. The temperatures get better and better, and it is a month with lots of events taking place in Prague.

The information given in the start of this article is true mostly every year. But, in 2017 May seems to become an even better month than normal. There will be lots of events taking place in Prague, and starting in only two days from now with the annual Prague marathon. You can read more about this and other events in Prague here in the Prague Guide.

A few days after the Prague Marathon, a fantastic artist will come to town. His name is Andre Rieu, and fans of classical music will for sure enjoy his concert in the O2 Arena.

Prague in May 2017
Prague in May 2017

After Andre Rieu has been to the O2 Arena, Lord of the Dance will perform with their Dangerous Games program. And the people of Prague only need to sleep once before it is time for the worlds most famous circus performance, Cirque du Soleil, to come to Prague. They will perform several nights in Prague, but on May 22nd it is stop, because then Deep Purple will take control over the O2 Arena as they have their concert there. Two days after that Depeche mode will have a fantastic concert in Prague, and then the month will end with several Rammstein concerts.

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If you want help with a river cruise, a beer dinner or some other program in Prague during this period, hurry up and do your booking today! Read more and book such programs here in our Prague Guide.

That ain’t everything!

So far we have only mentioned concerts and events, and a marathon, but let us not forget that May is the month for the annual Czech beer festival in Prague. This event lasts for 2 1/2 week every year in May, so do not miss out on in if you are a fan of Prague, the Czech Republic and of beer.

Do you have any other programs you would recommend to people coming to Prague in May? Write a comment!