Best activities for families in Prague

Zoo PRague

Zoo PRagueIn this short article we will list some of the best possibilities for families in Prague during a holiday.

It can sometimes be hard to find activities suitable for the entire family as you plan a trip to Prague. That is why we have written this article, so that you will get advices that will make life easier for you and funnier for the children.

Black Light Theatre (Pražská 55)
Our first favourite place to go with the family in Prague is The Black Light Theatre. The Black Light Theatre is one of the best place in the city for children to have fun. The theatre gives home to several muppet, ballet shows and it also has illusionists and mime artists. The Black Light Theatre is extremely enjoyable even for younger children because of the dancing, the music and the colourful lights.

National Marionette Theatre (Žatecká 1)
The second place from our list is similar to the first one because it is also a theatre. The National Marionette Theatre is a puppet theatre in Prague. The National Marionette gives home to plenty of children shows which is also perfectly suitable for children of all ages and nationalities.

Franciscan Garden (New Town)
Franciscan Garden is our third choice of the activities with children in Prague. The Franciscan Garden is a public park which has a playground for children up to 13 year old. The playground has modern equipments, various slides and swings, a large sandpit and a climbing frame as well. The park is open in the summer from 7 in the morning until 10 in the evening and in the winter it is open daily from 8 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

Cafè Hajek (Havlickova 15)
The fourth activity of the list is a local cafe house in Prague. The Cafè Hajek. Cafè Hajek sells various sandwiches, cakes, different flavoured milkshakes and ice creams as well. Cafè Hajek is just located near to Wenceslas Square just where Franciscan Garden is located.

Prague Zoo (U trojského zámku 3/120)
The last activity from our list is the Prague Zoo. The Prague Zoo is definitely one of the most enjoyable program for children of all age. The zoo is located a few kilometres away from the city centre but it is definitely worth visiting. The zoo has various big cats such as lions, tigers and other traditional animals like elephants, sea lions, giraffes and penguins as well as less common animals.

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