Czech Beer Festival 2016

Czech Beer festival 2017

The Czech Beer Festival is the biggest of all festivals in the Czech Republic. Get information about the Czech Beer Festival 2016.

The Czech Beer Festival is an event lasting for 17-18 days every year and it is arranged in the fantastic surroundings of the Letna Park. The Czech Beer Festival 2016 will have its opening day on May 12th and it will close and end on May 28th. If you come to Prague in this period you must be sure not to miss out on this event which is one of the highlights of the year in Prague.

Czech Beer festival 2016
Information about the Czech Beer Festival 2016

For more information about the Czech Beer Festival 2016 visit our page dedicated to the festival for more information. And if you have time, do not miss out on a beautiful river cruise on Vltava and maybe also check out what our Czech Beer dinner is like? Read about all these and other activities here in our Prague Guide, where you can also read about the most famous attractions in Prague.

If you want to experience similar programs in other cities, then you can read more about festivals and events in Budapest at the following site. There you can also visit a brewery and enjoy a four course dinner with four beers and four fruit spirits, so press the link to find out more about that program.

But, it is much more important to be there at the Czech Beer Festival 2016, so go to Prague first, and then you can consider visiting Budapest at some other time!

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