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Václav Hudeček Festival of Music 2024

The Festival of Music is a classical music festival that has been around for a long time in Prague. It consists of several classical concerts in popular music venues in Prague, including Rudolficum, the concert hall of the Prague Conservatory, and several others. It is normally arranged in the autumn, and some concerts are arranged before Christmas, meaning you can combine Christmas shopping, Christmas markets, and a concert during the Festival of Music if you are lucky.

The Festival of Music in Prague was a dream of Václav Hudeček, a very famous violinist in the Czech Republic. Today he is the leader of the festival, a very popular event.

Festival of Music 2024

Locations: several concert halls in Prague
Dates: October 29, 2024 – April 29, 2025

Program and tickets: https://en.svatkyhudbyvpraze.cz/program

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A few more words about Václav Hudeček and the festival.

Václav Hudeček is a famous Czech violinist. He was born on June 7, 1952, in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem, Czechoslovakia.

Václav Hudeček is known for his incredible skill with the violin. He started playing the violin very young and quickly became very good. When he was only 15 years old, he performed with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which is a very big deal. He also worked with many famous conductors and played in many important concerts worldwide.

One of his big accomplishments is the Václav Hudeček Academy. He started this academy to help young violinists improve their skills and become great musicians. Many young people have benefited from his teaching and support.

Every year, Václav Hudeček organizes a special event called the “Václav Hudeček Festival of Music.” This festival celebrates music where many talented musicians come together to perform. It’s a great opportunity for music lovers to enjoy beautiful performances and for young musicians to get a chance to shine.

Václav Hudeček has greatly impacted the world of classical music and continues to inspire many with his passion and dedication.



Oct 29 2024 - Apr 27 2025


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