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October 2023
prague coffee festival

Prague Coffee Festival

The Prague Coffee Festival is an annual event celebrating coffee culture and the specialty coffee industry. It brings together coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses from around the world to show and explore the coffee bean and all that comes with it. The festival allows visitors to taste and learn about different types of coffee, brewing Read More ...
21 - 22 Oct
December 2023
Recommendations to those visiting the Christmas markets in Prague

Prague Christmas markets 2023

The annual Christmas markets in Prague are one of the city’s main attractions. It brings hundreds of thousands of people to the streets, and they are extremely popular among tourists. Not only can you do a lot of Christmas shopping and taste interesting meals from the local cuisine, but you can also experience the Christmas Read More ...
02 Dec - 06 Jan
All Day
Old Town Square
April 2024
May 2024

Love-day in Prague

May 1st isn’t known internationally as the Love Day, and it isn’t really called the Love Day in official calendars either. But, in Prague this is often referred to as the Love-day, so get ready to kiss your loved one if you visit Prague on this special day! Yes, May 1st is referred to as Read More ...
01 May
All Day

Prague Marathon 2024

Prague is a fantastic city. Is there a better way to discover the beauties of Prague than while running a marathon? You might be able to pay more attention to details while walking, but the city looks and feels different if you discover it while running. So, why not come to Prague to run the Read More ...
05 May
All Day
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