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Metronome Prague 2024

Would you like to come to Prague for one of the city’s biggest festivals? Metronome Prague is the name of the giant music festival arranged in Prague in the month of June every year. It welcomes famous artists from all around the world.

The festival takes place in the spacious and iconic Výstaviště exhibition grounds. This is located in Prague’s Holešovice district. During the festival, you can enjoy programs at multiple stages, and also eat from food stalls, and view different exhibitions in the area.

Metronome Prague Festival is about music, both local and international. As a result, you can listen to both local music from artists you have never heard about combined with music from international artists you listen to on Spotify every day.

Metronome Prague Festival also emphasizes food and culinary experiences. As a result, you can buy food and drinks from local vendors and food trucks.

Metronome Prague 2024

Location: Výstaviště exhibition grounds
Dates: June 20-22

Some of the artists performing at the festival in 2024:

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Jun 20 - 22 2024


All Day


Exhibition Ground Holesovice
Exhibition Ground Holesovice
Exhibition Ground Holesovice

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