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Nomad Beer Festival

Prague has all sorts of festivals. Some of them will show you the beers of the big breweries, while others will let you taste the beers produced in micro breweries. But, did you know that Prague has a festival celebrating the nomad beer production as well? But, what is nomad beer all about?

A nomad brewery is a type of brewery that doesn’t have its own brewing facility. Instead, the brewers travel to other breweries to make their beer. They use the equipment and space of established breweries to create their unique recipes. This allows them to focus on creativity and production without the high costs of owning a brewery. This festival is all about supporting such beer productions, and that is why this is a standalone opportunity to taste some of the most interesting beer produced in the Czech Republic.

It is free to enter the festival area, but if you want to taste the beer, you need to buy the official glass in which the beer makers will happily fill of their brew (you have to pay for this as well, of course).

Nomad Beer Festival 2024

Dates: September 6 & 7, 2024
Location: Pražská (holešovická) tržnice, Praha 7

You can learn more about the festival at the official website which is available at

The festival was first arranged in 2021 and has been a great success since then. Have you been there and would like to share your experience? Or do you have any questions or comments? You can always share what’s on your heart in the comment field below.

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Sep 06 - 07 2024


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