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Prague Marathon 2025

Prague is a fantastic city. Is there a better way to discover the beauties of Prague than while running a marathon? You might be able to pay more attention to details while walking, but the city looks and feels different if you discover it while running. So, why not come to Prague to run the annual marathon this year?

It is said that running has a great effect on your brain. If you run regularly, it has the effect of antidepressants, meaning that it will release endorphins and serotonin in your body — chemicals in your brain that improve your mood. After running, endocannabinoids are released in your body, which causes you to feel more relaxed and also battle stress. You might not be able to sleep better immediately after a marathon, but we also know that good physical exercise helps a good night’s sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? Will you come to Prague to run the fantastic Prague Marathon this year?

Prague Marathon 2025

Dates in 2025: May 3&4, 2025 (most likely)

  • Dates in 2024: May 4&5, 2024

About Prague Marathon

The most typical thing to do is to run the marathon on Sunday. But, there are a couple of other options as well if you want to divide the distance in two or maybe run with a second person. Below you can see a map of the marathon route in 2022. It might be minor changes, but the general route normally looks like this. As a result, you can see lots of famous attractions along the way and you can even run across the majestic Charles Bridge if you decide to participate in Prague Marathon.

prague marathon route

You can find more information and register for the event at: https://www.runczech.com/en/events/

Is Prague Marathon for you?

It is obvious that running has a good effect on your physical and mental health. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should start with a marathon. It is important to prepare step-by-step. If you don’t have much running experience, you should still come to Prague for the marathon weekend. But, instead of running the full marathon, you should consider running a shorter distance. It takes time for your body to get ready to run more than 40km, and if you move too quickly, your body might suffer in the end.

As a result, it is better to prepare step-by-step, and as you are able to run 10km without trouble, increase the distance to 15km and maybe 20km. When you have conquered those distances, run further. This isn’t done in a day, but in weeks, months, and for some, years. After running a long distance your body needs time to rest, meaning that you cannot push yourself with long running trips every single day. That is why many people recommend keeping calm and resting for 7 days after running an actual marathon.

The most important is that you listen to your body and work together with it.

Would you like to run more marathons this year? You can read more about upcoming marathons in Budapest right here.


May 04 - 05 2024


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