Prague Proms

Prague Proms

Prague Proms is a music festival that takes place every summer/autumn in Prague. It started in 2005 and is inspired by the famous Proms concerts in the United Kingdom. It might be hard to compare it with the concerts in London, but it is still a fantastic event for those in love with music in the Czech Republic.

The first Prague Proms festival was held in 2005 and it was organized by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO) to bring classical music to a wider audience. They have definitely succeeded with that goals and over the years, the festival has grown in popularity and size. It now features a variety of music, including classical, jazz, and film music.

The concerts are arranged throughout the city of Prague, but some of the most famous concert venues are the Municipal House and the Smetana Hall.

Due to the popularity of the festival it has attracted celebrities such as Vince Mendoza, Danny Elfman, Vladimir Cosma, and Ennio Morricone.

Prague Proms 2024

  • Location: Concert venues in Prague
  • Dates: June 21, 2024 – September 27, 2024

You can see the full program and buy tickets for the events at

There are several reasons why you should consider Prague Proms as you come to Prague. Attending a Prague Proms concert offers a rich cultural experience in which you can enjoy world-class performances by renowned musicians and orchestras. It is also a chance to experience something unique, and after a long day of exploring and walking around Prague, it’s nice to sit down and relax while enjoying beautiful music. One should also remember that it gives you a chance to look at stunning historic venues such as the Municipal House. Attending a concert there will not only let you enjoy the music, but also marvel at the architectural beauty of the hall.

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