Metallia Prague concert 2014

Metallica Prague

Metallica PragueMetallica is out there touring again, and in one of the warmest months of the year in the Czech Republic, this popular rock band will come to town. Metallica will not do an indoor concert, luckily, but they will do an outdoor concert when coming to Prague, and the venue for this amazing Prague event is the Incheba Arena.

The Metallica concert in Prague will be arranged on July 8th and it will start at 15.00. It starts early, but that is due to the fact that it is outdoors and it will last for a long time and it will for sure not be quiet when the stars from Metallica enter the stage to start their rock n roll performance. So, if you want to be there at the Metallia concert in Prague in July 2014, you better hurry up and buy your Metallica tickets today. You can find more information about tickets and the concert using the link further down!

Metallia Prague concert 2014

July 8th, 15.00
Incheba Arena