O2 Arena Prague

The O2 Arena in Prague is probably the most used concert arena when big artists come to Prague. The big concerts not arranged in O2 Arena in Prague, is normally arranged in the  Tesla Arena. Still, most people agree that O2 Arena is the best concert venue in town. The arena was formerly named the Sazka Arena, but was renamed to O2 Arena Prague in 2008.

The venue was opened in 2004 and it has a seating capacity of more than 18,000 people for concerts. If you come to the O2 Arena and want to stay in a hotel which is located nearby, so that you can quickly go to bed after the concert, then read the following article for more information about hotels near the O2 Arena in Prague.

O2 Arena Prague
Ocelářská Street No. 460/2

How to get to the O2 Arena in Prague?

Would you like to be there at an event in the O2 Arena, in the O2 Universum, or another of the complexes within the O2 Arena? How can you get to the arena? These are the best solutions.

  • Travel with the metro to the Českomoravská metro station on the B line (yellow).
  • Use tram lines 8 or 25 and exit at the Multiarena Praha stop.
  • Travel with bus line 151, 152, or 375 to Českomoravská or 136, 145, 177, or 195 to Nádraží Libeň.
  • Go by train to Libeňské nádraží train station and walk 500 meters from there.

Upcoming events in the O2 Arena

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