Hotels near O2 Arena in Prague

Luxury Apartments near O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is the biggest and most popular concert venue in all of the Czech Republic. It has space for more than 17,000 spectators, and if you want to know more about the O2 Arena, address, upcoming events and so on, you can read more about O2 Arena here.

If you are coming to Prague for a concert, sports event or some other thing going on in the O2 Arena, and want to live as close as possible to the venue, then this article is for you, because here we will tell you which are the hotels and apartments located within walking distance from the venue.

Best hotel near O2 Arena

If you want to live in the hotel which is the best near the O2 Arena, then you better go for and reserve a room in Hotel Carol, a three star hotel. Because of its located near the O2 Arena, it is quite far away from the city center, but with the metro which is located only some hundred meters away, you can easily get to the city center of Prague from here.

Often as you come to a new town for a concert, you come together with a group of friends or colleagues, and then an apartment can be very useful. If that is you, then there is a some very nice luxury apartments located just next to the O2 Arena in Prague as well. These have loads of space, nice furniture and if you come with many people it is much cheaper than to stay in a hotel. Read more about the Luxury Apartments by clicking the link.

Luxury Apartments near O2 Arena
Luxury Apartments near O2 Arena

A third option if you want to live in a three star hotel is the Hotel Inturprag. This hotels is only 300 meters distance from the O2 Arena, and it is a family run hotel. A nice option if you want to live with some stars, without to much luxury.

If you do not really care about the location, but all you want is luxury, then you can read about the best five star hotels in Prague in this article.

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