Sports in the Monarchy: Prague National Museum

In the capital of Czech Republic, the beautiful Prague everything is possible. Also to connect a cultural museum visit with a funny thing, like the sport.

The National Museum has very important function in Prague. This is the principal museum institution in the Czech Republic, and inter alia this is the reason that Prague is one of the most important cultural centers in whole Europe. The museum has more different parts, however the main building has the same name; National Museum. The museum complex’s one part is the National Memorial on the Vitkov Hill, which is in the Old Town of Prague. This gives the place to the best part of the National Museum’s Monarchy exhibition series, the Sport in the Monarchy exhibition, which presents the most typical movement culture in the second part of the 19th century.

The exhibition is opened between 7 September 2012 and 5 May 2013 on the Vitkov Hill. This means, you don’t have too much time, so if you planned a holiday in Prague this spring, start the organization, because this exhibition could make more unforgettable the rest in the Czech Republic. Get closer to the history, but not on the boring, dry way, but know more about an exciting part of history, the sport. What was the sport fashion on the second part of the 19th century? Who were the best athletes of the age? What was the most popular sport? You could have the answers and more at the Sport in the Monarchy exhibition!

Sport in the Monarchy exhibition
September 7th, 2012 – May 5th, 2013
National Museum PRague