Carnival in Prague in 2015

The Carnevale Praha will be back in town again this year from the beginning of February to the middle of February. The carnival takes place all over Prague at different spots in the city.

Carneval Prague

The Carnevale Praha is one of the largest outdoor event in the life of the city and its history rooted back to long time to the medieval times. Each year the city turns into a big carnival in February and the Carnevale Praha is all about celebrating the human joy. The event takes place everywhere in the city in places such as theatres, galleries, museums, schools, restaurants, shops and workshops as well. The festival is held annually in Prague and it is one of the most popular festivals in the city which attracts thousands of people each year. The Carnevale Praha is inspired by the colourful festival which was held in Bohemia during the Baroque era.

Following the old traditions at this special time of the year whole Prague turns into a big and vibrant carnival. During the Carnevale Praha plenty of programs and various activities will be held such as different concerts, dance, theatre performances, masked balls, children’s ball, workshops and many more.

This year the Carnevale Praha will take place from 6th February to 17th February 2015.

For more information on the carnival and the programs check the official site.