Prague Coffee Festival

The Prague Coffee Festival is an annual event celebrating coffee culture and the specialty coffee industry. It brings together coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses from around the world to show and explore the coffee bean and all that comes with it.

The festival allows visitors to taste and learn about different types of coffee, brewing methods, and coffee beans from a wide range of local and international exhibitors. There are all sorts of programs available, including tastings, workshops, demonstrations, and competitions. During the competitions baristas show their skills in latte art, brewing techniques, and coffee preparation.

Not only is the Coffee Festival about the art of coffee. There is a big focus on the social aspect of coffee, simply enjoying life together while drinking a cup of coffee. As a result, there are often live music performances, and art exhibitions available in the festival area during the festival.

Prague Coffee Festival 2023

Dates: October 21-22

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Prague Coffee Festival 2020

In 2020, Prague Coffee Festival will be arranged for the ninth time in Prague. This is the number one place for coffee lovers, professional baristas, coffee shop owners, coffee “beginners”, and everyone else to meet up and to learn more about their passion.

The first Coffee Festival was arranged in 2012. It was created to promote coffee culture and to be a place of getting together for those in love with coffee.

Drinking a good quality coffee today isn’t as easy as it once was. There are lots of techniques in use, and there are new trends, also in the brewing business. At the Coffee Festival in Prague you will get a chance to learn more about the different techniques, and of course, taste the best coffee available in Prague at the moment.

Prague Coffee Festival

Prague Coffee Festival 2020

the dates are not published yet…
Location: Pražská tržnice

There will be an entrance fee to take part in the festival (at least they mention tickets at their homepage). These are not available for sale yet, but visit the website as the festival dates draw near.

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