Iron Maiden concert in Prague 2016

Iron Maiden Prague 2016On July 5th it is time for an Iron Maiden concert in Prague and it will be arranged at Eden Arena. This is the most modern stadium in all of the Czech Republic and it has space for 21,000 people. Will you be one of them?

The concert will be arranged on July 5th and the event itself will start  at 17.00. If you want to be there at the Iron Maiden concert in Prague then you can buy tickets for the event from WorldTicketShop. There you can also find tickets for all the other Iron Maiden concerts around the world in 2016. Iron Maiden is a band from 1975 so the guys are getting older, but they are still going very strong, so this will be a great event in Prague for Iron Maiden fans.

If you want to prepare for the Iron Maiden concert with buying some CDs, t-shirts or some other Iron Maiden effects, then you can do so shopping from Enjoy the concert and have fun in Prague.

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