Where to watch Ice Hockey World Championship online?

Ice hockey onlineIt is 2015 and soon it is time for the Ice Hockey World Championship 2015 to start. It will be arranged in the Czech Republic and in the cities of Prague and Ostrava, and if you want to know more about the World Championship in Ice Hockey we recommend our following article on the subject. The best is of course to come to either Prague or to Ostrava to watch the action, but if you are located somewhere else and want to follow the action, what can you do to watch the Ice Hockey World Championships online?

There are quite a lot of TV channels who will broadcast from the Ice Hockey World Championship online. The best way to watch the Ice Hockey World Championships online is by starting to get yourself a VPN subscription, because that will give you the chance to get IP addresses in different nations, which again will make it possible for you to watch the Ice Hockey World Championships online in different ways. We recommend using the VPN services of IPVanish for this purpose. Visit the IPVanish website here.

Now that this is in order what you can do is the following:

1) Visit Ceska Televizie, the Czech TV channel, and connect to a server in the Czech Republic with IPVanish. Once you get your Czech IP address you are ready to watch the Ice Hockey World Championships online on CTV in the Czech Republic. That is a free channel to watch, so you need no other subscription for this to work!

2) You can also watch it on NBC Sports in the United States with a US IP address or at Premier Sports in the United Kingdom with a UK IP address, but for all these options you need a special subscription to these TV channels in addition to the VPN subscription, so those are quite costly versions.

So, go ahead and sign up for IPVanish and watch the Ice Hockey World Championship online on Czech television, live from the Czech republic.

Ice rink in Prague

Ice skating in PragueDuring winter there are several possibilities to spend your time in the capital of the Czech Republic. One of the most popular event in the city during the winter period is the Christmas market and the other outdoor activity ice skating.

In Prague there are several ice rinks all around the city when the weather gets chilly and we will write about the most visited and biggest ice rink in Prague. This ice rink in the city takes place at Ovocny trh which is a square located just right at Estates Theatre in the Old Town. It is one of the best programs for everyone from tourists to locals as well. The annual ice rink and the Christmas market together attract every year more and more people to the city.

If your are tired of sightseeing and you want to do some fun and you love speed, ice and skating then this is the perfect activity for you. The ice rink opens its gates this year from 6th December until 31st January next year. The ice rink is free for everyone during the whole time and you can also hire skates for 50 CZK. Every day the ice rink is open from 10 in the morning until 9.30 in the evening. The ice rink in Prague is held at Ovocny trh just behind the Estates Theatre, Old Town, Prague 1.

 [stbpro id=”warning” caption=”This information is not correct!!!”]Unfortunately this ice rink does not exist after all. The local government decide not to open the ice rink after all in 2014/2015, so if you visit this area in the described period you will find nothing here at all. If you really want to go ice skating you can do so at for example Veřejné hřiště Na Františku, Kozí, 110 00 Praha 1.[/stbpro]