Prague Proms

International music festival is Prague till the 21th of July! Good music, great concerts and absolutely worth visiting while in Prague! For more information go to the official side:

Prague Proms
16th June – 21th July, 2012

If you want to listen to Andrea Bocelli in 2012, you should maybe visit Belfast or Dublin instead, or in addition, to Prague!

Bruce Springsteen Prague 2012

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen
The boss is coming to Prague in 2012. Bruce Springsteen will perform at the Synot Tip Arena in Prague on July 11th, starting at 20.00. Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band will for sure make their spectators happy, and this will probably be one of the best concerts in Prague in all of 2012. Check it out, and buy your tickets for this Bruce Springsteen concert in Prague right away.

Bruce Springsteen Prague
July 11th, 20.00.
Synot Tip Arena

Tickets: WorldTicketShop –

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