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Red Museums
Red Museums

During Communism everything needed to be done the way your leaders told you. In what way did Communism influence the museums? This exhibition takes you back in time and shows you and introduces you to life during Communism, from a bit different perspective.

Official description of the exhibition:
The Red Museums (“Rudá muzea” in Czech) exhibition shows the general development in the museums and their transformation under the communist dictatorship. It captures development of traditional and ideological museums, halls of revolutionary traditions or expositions of native houses and memorial halls. It also focuses on acquiring activities of the museums – such as documentation of building of socialism or revolutionary transformation of the rural areas.

The “Red Museums” exhibition deals with symbols, language and rituals, that were typical for that period – not just in the museums. Their use in particular exhibition projects demonstrates interpretation of the Hussite movement, the Great October Socialist Revolution, Munich, the Slovak National Uprising, and the “Victorious” February. All the topics are accompanied by collected exhibits of the Czech museums collected prior to 1989.

Red Museums
National Memorial
December 8, 2011 – April 3rd, 2012

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