How to watch Czech TV from abroad?

If you are in need of watching Czech TV from abroad, but you are not allowed to as the broadcast is only available to people with Czech IP address, then the solution is only a few minutes away. Read our article about how to get a Czech IP address and find all the information you need there.

The solution described in the article will create a tunnel between your internet connection and a server in the Czech Republic, and after that all your traffic on the net will seem to come from the box located in the Czech Republic and not from where you are currently at somewhere in the big wild world. It sounds easy, and it is easy. So read the article, and get the solution.

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How to get a Czech IP address?

If you are in need of a Czech IP address, then you will find a solution within a few minutes, and in less than ten minutes you will be able to surf the web looking as if you were present somewhere in Czech Republic, while the reality is that you are in some different country somewhere else in the world. It is not illegal, but it is simply a service provided by HideMyAss which against a small fee will provide you with an IP address in the Czech Republic, or in lots of other countries in the world such as Italy, Spain and Norway and many more if you need that.

IP-address in Czech RepublicWhat HideMy Ass does is that they let you download a program where you need to enter your user ID and password (that you give as your subsrcibe to their services). Once this is done you can select any server in the different nations and cities around the world and get a IP address just as you want to. With the local IP address you can get to watch videos, films, play games and watch sites limited to that given nation, even though you are at a completely different location in the world. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? The truth is that is really is that easy, and the service even have a free 30 day pay back guarantee, so it is not at all a big risk so subscribe and try it.

For more information about how to use the service, subscription prices and so on, visit HideMyAss.

Since you are here you probably know what an IP address is, but that is your virtual address telling the internet world where you are currently at. With this software you can give the impression of being somewhere else than where you actually are. The reasons for needing this differs, but the service at least works great and we can warmly recommend it! Your connection is also encrypted and secure, which is a big bonus and great thing!