Watching the Rugby World Cup in Prague!

We will be visiting Prague in September and October and come from England, the land of rugby enthusiasts. We are however afraid that since the Czech Republic will not play in the Rugby World Cup that it will be hard to see the matches. Have you got any advices?

It is true that rugby is a very “second-hand” sport in the Czech Republic and only a few people actually know that there is an upcoming rugby world cup in England this autumn. That is why you will not see the action on typical Czech television, but around in the city there are quite a lot of sportsbars and pubs and in these they often show live streams of sports events from English TV, so you should be able to find a place which will show the rugby world cup, even if you are in the Czech Republic and in Prague.

If this does not work, or if you want to watch it on your laptop, on your iPhone or maybe your Android device instead, then there is an easy way in which you can watch the rugby world cup online, and that is by using a VPN connection. You can read more about this and exactly how this works in this article written in the IP Address Guide.

For a full schedule of matches and which teams will play when, this article will give you more information.

We hope this answer has helped you, and do not forget to enjoy a nice river cruise, maybe a beer dinner and some real Czech goulash while in town!

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