Is Prague a dirty city?

Are you planning a trip to Prague, but you are worried about it being dirty? Have you heard people complaining about the city? What is the truth? Is Prague floating in garbage, or is it really a nice looking and clean city?

There are cities where you walk around and it almost feels as if you are walking on garbage. That might be especially true about Saturday and Sunday morning when the party people have thrown all their garbage on the streets the evening before. Other cities simply doesn’t have a well working litter removal policy, meaning that the garbage cans are packed and the garbage is floating on the street nearby the garbage cans, simply because they are full and people have nowhere else to throw the litter. But, what’s up with Prague? What should you expect in the Czech capital?

Is it much pollution and dirt in Prague?
Is it much pollution and dirt in Prague? Source: Pixabay

Prague and garbage

Many people think that Eastern Europe equals dirt and garbage. But, the fact is that it is often the very opposite that is the truth. How come? In rich nations and in popular nations, they do not really have to do anything, because the tourists will keep coming no matter what.

But, in cities like Prague and other cities in the Eastern Europe, there is a much bigger fight for the tourists. This isn’t only true about the cities themselves, but when you visit a restaurant you will experience the same. The quality and the look of the restaurants is often way cleaner, simply because there is a struggle to survive, and therefore, they feel the need of making it look nice and clean (including the bathrooms).

When you walk the streets of Prague, you will quickly discover that it is almost free of garbage. This has to do with people throwing less garbage on the streets, and also the fact that no garbage on the street makes people watch out so that they do not throw garbage on the street. It is strange, but that is how it works. If you have some garbage in your pocket and it falls on the street next to a cigarette and a chocolate paper, you will leave it there. But, if it falls out of your pocket to the street and it is completely clean, you will most likely pick it up and throw it in a garbage can on the next corner.

Once again – Is Prague a dirty city?

The answer is no! It is, in fact, the very opposite of dirty. Things are clean, the streets are clean, and it looks very nice no matter what time of the year you come. Even during the Christmas markets at the Old Town Square and at the Wenceslas square, they manage to keep the city clean and without much garbage falling to the street.

There is, of course, pollution in Prague. As a result, some of the buildings starts to look a bit dirty and black, even though they might have been shining and beautiful a few decades ago. That is natural and it comes with all the traffic and airport transfers bringing hundreds of thousands of people to and from the city center of Prague every single day.

But, for you as a tourist walking the streets of Prague, you shouldn’t have to suffer much because of pollution or garbage in the streets.

When it comes to the polluted buildings, there is a constant work on renewing and cleaning these buildings, giving them all back their former glory. Besides this, as more and more electric cards and hybrid cars are used in the Czech capital, there is a hope that things will look better and better for every year passing by.

For those worried about the quality of the air in Prague, there isn’t that much to worry about. Luckily, the Old Town is well sealed off from traffic, meaning that you will not bump into a lot of car traffic during your stay (hopefully). If you leave the old town, you will, but as long as you walk around in the walking area of the city, you should be safe!

Magic lights all across Prague

Would you like to see Prague in a way few tourists will ever see it? Come to Prague for the Signal Festival, arranged for the sixth time in October 2018. 

In the days from October 11th till October 14th (Thursday to Sunday), the city of Prague and many of its building will be turned into masterpieces of light in the evenings. The Signal Festival will be arranged for the sixth time in Prague. The festival calls itself the largest cultural festival in the Czech Republic, and it supposedly caused more than 2 million people to attend one of its events during the five years it has existed so far. Most of the things happening can be seen for free, and the event is sponsored by the local and the national government (among others).

Having a hard time understanding what the Signal festival is about? Take a look at the pictures and get a better understanding.

From the Signal festival in Prague - Picture by Jan Tichy
From the Signal festival in Prague – Picture by Jan Tichy

Picture made by Duzan Vondra
Picture made by Duzan Vondra

The Old Town Square in Prague during the Signal festival - Picture by Jan Tichy
The Old Town Square in Prague during the Signal festival – Picture by Jan Tichy

Does it sound and look nice? This is a perfect chance for the creative artists of the Czech Republic to live out their creativity. It is also the chance for photographers to practice their skills and to make awesome photos.

We hope you will use this chance to visit Prague. For more information about other programs in Prague, check this link. Would you like to enjoy an airport transfer, a river cruise, a beer dinner or maybe some other program while in Prague? Click the links for more information.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Prague. If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field and share your thoughts.

Spring in Prague – Finally it’s here!

After a long and cold winter, it is always amazing to experience the temperatures and the smells of spring. Suddenly the city center comes to life, the ice cream bars open, and tourists fill the streets.

We had to wait for quite some time in 2018 for the real spring to arrive, but now it is here. In the last week, we have been able to enjoy temperatures around 25 Celsius during the daytime, and the temperatures have remained enjoyable even in the evenings. The sun has been shining, meaning that you even need sun lotion if you spend the entire day outdoors.

But, if you come to Prague on a beautiful spring day (like today), what should you do?

spring in prague

Spring in Prague

So, what should you do in Prague on a beautiful spring day? It couldn’t be better… do exactly what you want to do! The is the best answer. On a beautiful spring day, you can do exactly as planned. You do not need to fear rain or snow, and it doesn’t get unbearable hot either. Guess you understand why tourists love to visit Prague in the spring now. Spring might be the best time to visit Prague because you can simply enjoy the entire city and enjoy life without suffering. Of course, spring also means rain, so you might get unlucky and visit Prague on a rainy day, but in general, spring is amazing in Prague.

Are you not satisfied? Do you want some recommendations on what to do in Prague on a spring day? Here you have some!

Prague spring recommendations

On a beautiful spring day, you should, of course, enjoy a trip on the Vltava river. There are quite a lot of trips available, and the beauty of spring is that you can sit outdoors and enjoy the view and the sun simultaneously.

Another beautiful experience is to put on some good shoes, and then just walk around in the city of Prague for an entire day. You will quickly discover areas most tourists do not see, and thus you will get an even better impression of the city and what life is like in the city. Besides this, you will also burn a lot of calories. As a consequence, you can eat even more and taste some Czech beer with a good consciousness.

Another experience that the entire family will enjoy on a spring day is a visit to the zoo. The zoological garden in Prague is a fantastic place to visit, and you can see beautiful animals in a very nice environment, a bit outside the city center of Prague.

These are some recommendations. If you want to get even more ideas for what to do on a spring-day in Prague, check our list of hidden gems in Prague in this article. Are you visiting Prague with the entire family? Check our list of family-friendly activities in Prague right here.

spring prague

Do you have any further advice related to spring activities in Prague? Write a comment and share your intel with us and our readers!



Metallica Prague 2018

Metallica konsert i PrahaIt might be that Metallica will fool around in Prague on Fool’s day in 2018, but on April 2nd, they will be ready in the O2 Arena to rock the venue.

Metallica will arrive in Prague from Vienna. They will play in the Austrian capital on March 31st but have their day to relax on April 1st. They will most likely spend that day traveling to Prague, and then relax on the evening of April 1st in Prague, maybe taking a walk in the beautiful old town of Prague?

But, on Monday, April 2nd, starting at 19.30, the band will walk onto the stage in the O2 Arena in Prague, and thousands of fans will be ready to rock-n-roll with the legendary band. They are getting older, but they still got a grip on their fantastic music. If you would like to be there at the Metallica concert in Prague, use the ticket link beneath to grab hold of your tickets.

The Metallica tour in 2018 will start in Lisbon on February 1st. If you lack patience, why not travel to Lisbon, let us take care of your airport transfer (in the same way we help you out with your airport transfer in Prague), and enjoy a sunny February day in the capital of Portugal as well!

Metallica concert in Prague 2018

O2 Arena
April 2nd, 19.30

Tickets: Viagogo

What else to do in Prague?

Are you looking for other programs to enjoy while in Prague? We can warmly recommend a river cruise, an activity that is extremely popular amongst tourists coming to Prague. One other popular activity is our local beer dinner. There are also different guided tours available in Prague, so look around in our Prague Guide for more information and inspiration.

Preparing for the Christmas market in Prague in 2017? When will it be arranged?

It is only the start of January and last years Christmas markets has barely closed. You are however already thinking about the Christmas markets in Prague in 2017. When will they be arranged? When will they open?

It is easy to understand that you want to come to Prague before Christmas to experience the beautiful Christmas markets the city has to offer. Prague is a splendid city to discover, and when the Christmas markets are at the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas square the city just gets even better. So, why not discover Prague and the Christmas markets at the same time in 2017? But, when will the Christmas markets open? It is hard to plan a trip without dates ready.

Prague Christmas market 2017
Christmas market at the Old Town Square in Prague – Kajano / Shutterstock

Prague Christmas market dates in 2017

Unfortunately the dates for the Christmas markets in Prague in 2017 remain a secret so far. For that reason we can not give any certain information yet, but still you should know that arriving to Prague in December is a safe bet. The markets normally open in the end of November sometime and remain open till the end of December or the start of January.

Our guess for the Christmas markets in Prague in 2017 is that they will open sometime between November 24th and November 29th. That is of course only our pure guess, so we will write a new blog post as soon as we have the exact and official dates. To find those follow us on Facebook, place a bookmark at this page and check out the what’s on in Prague site.

Do not forget that you can already now start booking your beer dinner in Prague, a fantastic river cruise and lots of other activities in Prague. Click the banners on the right or read about lots of different Prague activities right here.

Where can I watch Euro 2016 in Prague?

It is said that Czech people watch football only with one hand, because in the other hand they have a tasty czech beer. Do you want to watch football like that? Want to watch Euro 2016 in Prague, but not sure where to do it. Here are our advises to you!

The Czech Republic is in a tough group in Euro 2016, but anything can happen in football nowadays, so it will be interesting to follow them and all the other nations playing in Euro 2016. Here are our suggestions if you want to watch Euro 2016 while in Prague.

Where can I watch Euro 2016 in Prague?

Coolest places to watch Euro 2016 in Prague

Since Czech Republic is known for its beer you will for sure enjoy watching Euro 2016 in a bar or pub. That is why we recommend you to visit Riegrovy Sady’s Beer Garden. This is a fantastic place with space for about 1300 people. It might get packed during popular matches, but isn’t that an important part of the atmosphere?

If you want to watch Euro 2016 in a typical Czech bar/pub, here are some more suggestions.

  • Expats BBQ bar, Vojtěšská 241/9, 110 00 Praha
  • Jama Restaurant, V Jámě 1671/7 , 110 00 Praha
  • WineFood Market, Strakonická 1 (notice this is more of a restaurant than a bar)

These are some suggestions for places where you can watch Euro 2016 in Prague. If you don’t feel like leaving your hotel room at all then you can know that CTV will broadcast Euro 2016 in the Czech Republic, a channel you can mostly watch for free everywhere and online at

You can read more about watching Euro 2016 online at There you will also find information on when all matches will be played, info about the different venues and other news and articles.

When will Czech Republic play during Euro 2016?

If you want to be out and watch Euro 2016 in Prague during a Czech Republic match then you will find the times for their matches here. They are in a really tough group, maybe the toughest of all groups, and that is why the Czech heroes will have to play very good to qualify for the knockout stage. Here are the times for the group stage matches in which Czech Republic will play:

  • June 13th, 15.00 – against Spain
  • June 17th, 18.00 – against Croatia
  • June 21st, 21.00 – against Turkey

These are the times for the group stage matches in which the Czeche Republic will be involved. For a full list of all group stage matches check the Euro 2016 schedule.

Do not forget about these Prague activities

If you have some time left after watching all the football and drinking the Czech beer then we can warmly recommend a river cruise on Vltava, a brilliant activity while in Prague!

Where can I watch Krasnodar vs Sparta Praha online?

Sparta Praha just won 1-0 against Krasnodar in their first match in the knockout stage of the Europe League. On February 25th they will be in Russia to play the second leg against Krasnodar and the question is whether they will be able to win and qualify for the next stage of Europe League, or if they want. So, where can you and where can I watch Krasnodar vs Sparta Praha online?

We are not hundred percent sure yet, but most likely Ceska Televizie will broadcast the match in the Czech Republic and that means that you can watch it for free online on the CTV website as long as you are located in the the Czech Republic. If you are located outside the Czech Republic then you can follow the instructions on to watch the live stream online.

Do not only watch Krasnodar vs Sparta Praha online, but all other Europe League matches as well

There is also another way in which you can watch all Europe League matches online and not only the Krasnodar vs Sparta Praha match online. That is to watch them on different TV stations in the world which broadcast absolutely all Europe League matches online. You can read full instructions on how to watch Europe League online in this article posted at

watch Krasnodar vs Sparta Praha online
Watch and cheer for Sparta Praha in the Europe League

Can Lukas Julis do it again? Can he score against Krasnodar and make sure they will be beaten again? Can David Bicik keep the goal clean? If he does, then it will for sure happen that Sparta Praha qualify for further matches in the Europe League. We will probably not be able to influence the result much, so all we can do is to cheer and hope for a fantastic victory for Sparta Praha in the match on February 25th.

Who do you think will win? Do you believe Sparta Praha can beat Krasnodar again?

Iron Maiden concert in Prague 2016

Iron Maiden Prague 2016On July 5th it is time for an Iron Maiden concert in Prague and it will be arranged at Eden Arena. This is the most modern stadium in all of the Czech Republic and it has space for 21,000 people. Will you be one of them?

The concert will be arranged on July 5th and the event itself will start  at 17.00. If you want to be there at the Iron Maiden concert in Prague then you can buy tickets for the event from WorldTicketShop. There you can also find tickets for all the other Iron Maiden concerts around the world in 2016. Iron Maiden is a band from 1975 so the guys are getting older, but they are still going very strong, so this will be a great event in Prague for Iron Maiden fans.

If you want to prepare for the Iron Maiden concert with buying some CDs, t-shirts or some other Iron Maiden effects, then you can do so shopping from Enjoy the concert and have fun in Prague.

If you want more information about the attractions of Prague or maybe want to book yourself a river cruise in Prague, look around in our Prague Guide for more information!

XXX in Prague

Are you at home and want to see the beauties of Prague? You do have the chance right now, because if you did not know it, XXX is a great action film from 2002 with Vin Diesel in the main role, and the story takes place in the city of Prague.

Prague and Cherles Bridge in XXX
Prague and Cherles Bridge in XXX

We have earlier written articles on films from Prague and we recommend that you read it right away if you have not read it yet. But, at the time of writing we did of course not know everything and we did not know about the fact that XXX with Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson was packed with scenes from our beautiful city. From the first scene you will see the beautiful Old Town Square in Prague with its magnificent Tyn Cathedral, and then throughout the entire film famous attractions from Prague such as the castle, the Vitus Cathedral, the Charles Bridge, Rudolficum and lots of small and big streets show up in this action packed film.

Is the film worth watching? If you like Prague then the answer is for sure yes. If you are not a big fan of Prague, but of action, then this is also cool to watch. If you like both Prague and action, then this film is a must-see.

You can probably buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray somewhere near you, or you can go ahead and watch it on Netflix. It is available on Canadian Netflix, so if you want to watch it, then you should read more about how to watch Canadian Netflix from outside Canada, which also is the key to finding out how to watch Netflix from abroad.

Here you can see some more screenshots from the film taken as we watched the film on Netflix, so you go ahead and watch this as well. And if you like the first XXX film, then you can watch the second XXX film as well on Canadian Netflix!

Prague by Night Castle
Enjoy Prague by night shots in XXX

Beautiful panorama shots from Prague in XXX
Beautiful panorama shots from Prague in XXX

The most romantic places in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is among the nicest, most romantic and most beautiful cities in whole Europe which has countless programs, restaurants and hotels for couples. What could be more perfect than a romantic get away in Prague? So in this article we will introduce you to some of the most romantic spots in the city.

Prague is super romantic
Prague is super romantic

Petrinske Terasy is a restaurant that is located in the most romantic part in the city on the Petrin Hill whit breathtaking view over the Vltava River and the city. It is a perfect place for couples on a summer day when you can sit outside on the terrace having the most beautiful view on Prague. It is also really cosy in the winter with the wooden interior, the fire place and the huge windows which allows the visitors to have a splendid panorama view on the city.

Letna Park is one of the nicest parks in the centre of the city which is located between some busy shopping streets and the Vltava River. What could be more nicer than having a walk or laying in the grass with your loved one?

Petrin Tower is known as the love place in Prague. There is a huge park under the tower with lots of statues of different Czech artists and there is also a statue of K.H.Macha who is one of the most famous Czech poets and a lot of couples kiss on 1st May each year.

Prague has a lot more to offer from the restaurants through the hotels to the various attractions and programs in the city. If you want to know more on Prague check the following site.