Beauty in Harness in Prague Riding School

Beauty in Harness

This exhibition features luxurious carriages all kinds of sedan chairs and sleights from the 18th century until the 20th century. The exhibition is illustrating the technical and the artistic skills of this time, giving a chance to have a look in the life from this age by showing children’s toys, horse harnesses and livery worn by servants. It is provided by the Prague Castle Administration which is devoted to historic means of transportation from Bohemia, Silesia and Moravia.

Beauty in HarnessAmong all these exhibits there is President T.G. Masaryk’s coach and you can also find the golden carriage of the Olomouc church and the gun carriage which was used during the funeral of the Czech presidents and many other exhibits for those who love history.

The exhibition is divided into several parts, each of the parts have a theme. On the ground floor there is mostly coaches and sedan chairs. On the first floor there are mostly sleights and children’s toys.

Visitors can use the opportunity to be photographed in a period costume directly in the exhibition area, which costs 150CZK. The entrance fee is 150CZK but there is also a family ticket for 300CZK.

Enjoy the exhibition and if you have time left over, why not do a river cruise in Prague as well?

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