Treasures of Ancient China – Prague Exhibition

The exhibition takes place in the Imperial Stables of Prague Castle. The castle gives home to the President of the Chezh Republic and it has a really ancient history and it has been the official residence since the 19th century. From august this year the treasures of Ancient Chine will be on display in this castle.

The exhibition has more than 90 exhibits which covers 5000 years of China’s life from Neolith to the last ruling empire. The exhibits are from striking museums in China. The exhibition is dived in three parts, the first part shows the first formation of the states and the early ages of the Chinese civilization. The second part let you have a look in the Chinese culture in the 10th century AD and one of the most famous and important exhibits from this part is the two clay soldiers from the worldwide known Terracotta Army of the first empire of the dynasty Qin. In the last part of the exhibition you can see approximately 500 years of the last two dynasties of China. In is part you can check out the top arts and crafts including the Buddhist art, clothing and the beautiful porcelains.

The exhibition will be on display from 08.08.2014. until 09.11.2014., the entrance fee for the exhibition cost 120CZK for adults, but there are reduced, family tickets and there are tickets for school groups too.

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