Czech Beer Festival 2015

Beer Festival 2015

Beer Festival 2015The Czech Beer Festival is coming to Prague again, and in 2015 the festival will be arranged from May 7th until May 23rd. During these 17 days you will be able to gain thorough knowledge about the Czech beers, and you will be able to taste more than 100 different kinds of them.

The Beer Festival in 2015 will be arranged in the Letna Park, which is a bit outside the city center, but it is absolutely worth the ride. There is a small entrance fee to the festival, but once on the inside you can sit down at one of more than 4000 chairs in the area, you can listen to live music and of course taste the most famous, and the not so famous Czech beers.

If you think this sounds cool, read more about the festival on our Czech Beer Festival page. If you want to know more about other Prague events, concerts and so on, check our events calendar.

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