Life in the Czech Countryside: Exhibition

Czech Countryside

Czech CountrysideThis exhibition shows the every day life in the Czech countryside at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibition “Life in the Czech Countryside” presents the beautiful landscapes, the Bohemian fields and groves to the visitors.

The exhibition will take the visitors into a real rural house where you can experience the life back in that period of time. Visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the households of the 19th and 20th century and to see the activities that took place in that period. At the exhibition there will be shown different types of tools, stationary artefacts, interactive models and games to every visitors.

The exhibition’s main goal is to show the country life of the Czech Republic as you have never had the chance to see it before. The exhibition is trying to bring closer to the every day life at the country side to the audience and to show it in a new perspective. At the exhibition has a separate part for the natural surroundings such as the Czech farms and the Moravian and Silesian countryside. The exhibition will take place at the Ethnographical Museum in Prague. The exhibition will be shown from 1st March 2014 until 3rd of April 2016.

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