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Prague Easter Markets 2023

Would you like to enjoy the beautiful Easter markets in Prague? If you like the Christmas markets, you will for sure enjoy the Easter markets as well. The weather is nicer, the sun will hopefully shine, and you can enjoy local cuisine and buy beautiful objects created in the Czech Republic.

The annual Easter market in Prague is located at the Old Town Square in the heart of Prague. This is a square impossible to miss, and it is packed with stands and people during festivals and events such as the Easter market. In fact, it is totally crowded in the evenings, so you do not have to worry about spending your time in Prague alone if you go to visit the Easter market.

easter market in prague
Children’s program at the Easter market at the Peace square

At the Easter market, you can taste all sorts of local brew and local food. This is a perfect place to get to know the local gastronomy of the Czech people, and also to buy souvenirs and hand-made products.

There are other spring markets in Prague as well, besides the one at the Old Town square. The most famous is located at the Wencel square, but you can also find markets at the Peace square, in the castle area, and in some other places.

But, once again – when will the Easter market be arranged in 2023?

Prague Easter market dates in 2023

The Easter market at the Old Town Square

  • The Easter market will open on March 25th, 2023 – Saturday
  • The Easter market will close on April 16th, 2023 – Sunday

The Easter market at the Wenceslas square

  • The Easter market will open on March 25th, 2023 – Saturday
  • The Easter market will close on April 16th, 2023 – Sunday

These are the most famous and popular Easter markets in Prague that you should visit in 2023.

I guess you should order your flight ticket immediately. It is also wise to plan ahead and book your Vltava river cruise, a local beer dinner, and airport transfers well ahead, just to make sure that you will be able to enjoy all the programs you intend to partake in during your stay.

What about the Christmas markets in 2023?

We don’t know much about the Christmas markets in Prague in 2023 yet, but our guess is that they will open on November 26th and remain open until January 6th. But, this is just a wild guess (based on our experience from the most recent years), so you should not buy your flight ticket already. Or, you can buy your flight ticket, but if you want to be 100% sure, then you shouldn’t arrive in Prague before December 3rd (by then the market will for sure be open).


Mar 25 2023 - Apr 16 2023


All Day
Old Town Square


Old Town Square
Wenceslas square

Location 2

Wenceslas square

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