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Prague Half Marathon 2024

Do you like to run? Have you been dreaming of doing something big in 2024? Why don’t you come to Prague for the annual half marathon on the sixth day of April in 2024?

If you feel like a full marathon is too long, you might be able to run half the distance. And if you find it easy, you can come back to Prague in May for the full marathon. The half marathon starts from the Jan Palache Square in Prague. If you participate in the event and have your starting number in hand, you can travel for free with public transportation to this location to get to the event’s start.

Most people who run this event do it for fun and to compete with themselves. But, if you come to Prague to beat records and to win, then you can know that the best time for women is 1:04:52, while the half marathon record for men is 0:58:47. Competitors from Kenya and Ethiopia hold these records. In other words, many international competitors are participating in this event.

Is Prague Half Marathon for you?

Would you like to take part in this half marathon? Is it for you? If you have been running a full marathon before, or even a half marathon, then you know what it is all about and you probably know whether or not your body is capable of this distance right now.

Are you a beginner and wonder whether or not you can run a half marathon? If you start preparation early, then this is possible for most people. Are you running regularly? Are you able to run 10km a couple of times a week? If your answer to those questions are yes, then you should be able to finish a half marathon as well.

Are you still struggling with 5km? Run regularly and increase the distance regularly. Do not forget to let your body rest, because it might have the opposite effect if you push your body too much over a short period.

The best tip is to contact other runners and find some running partners. Not only can you team up with them and inspire one another in the preparation period, but you can also ask questions. There are lots of runners out there who would love to give you advice, so look for someone with experience running longer distances and ask them for advice.

Prague Marathon 2024

Date: April 6th, 2024

Prague Half Marathon map.

Here you can see the map for Prague Half Marathon in 2022. The route might change in the future, but it is very likely to look identical, or at least very similar, to this.

prague half marathon

Unlike Prague Marathon, the half marathon does not cross the fantastic Charles Bridge in Prague. You do, however, run next to it, and you will also see lots of other sights and attractions in Prague along the way. The entire run takes place very close to the Vltava River, meaning that you can enjoy a fantastic panorama and view all along the way (if you have any energy left) while running the half marathon in Prague.

Are you ready to register for Prague Half Marathon?

No matter what, April 6th is the day for Prague Half Marathon in 2024. Would you like to learn more about the event? You can find more information at the website right here: https://www.runczech.com/en/


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