Prague Relay

Prague Relay

Are you ready to enter a running competition in Prague together with your friends or colleagues? The Prague relay gives you a chance to do exactly that. There are two competition days in which you can participate in the general competitions (four people together). There are also dedicated competitions for people working in banks, and in the medical industry, and there is also a competition dedicated to people working as diplomats, consulates, and at embassies. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

The Prague relay takes place over two days in the Czech capital in early summer. It is a wonderful way to have fun with your friends and colleagues, and it takes relationships to a whole new level as you prepare together for the race and then run the race together. And even more important, as you sit down and drink a cold Czech beer to celebrate after the competition it gets even better!

The Prague relay is only one of many running competitions in Prague every year. The most popular events are the Prague Marathon and the Prague Half-marathon, but the relay and the popular women’s race in September are also fantastic events for those who want to explore Prague while running.

The relay consists of 4 runners and each runner has to run a total of 4,8km.

Prague Relay 2024

Dates: June 25-26

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Jun 25 - 26 2024


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