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Women's Race Prague

Prague Women’s Race (5km)

Are you ready to run without having to think about all those slow men standing in your way? Come to Prague for the 5km race, only for women. This is the biggest race in the Czech capital only for women, making it a fantastic event. Instead of running, the men and the boys will stand next to the track cheering for you. Doesn’t that sound great?

What is the race about? Take a look at the trailer video below to get a glimpse of what to expect if you participate in the competition.

This is only one of many annual running events in Prague. If you want to read about the other popular running events such as the Prague Marathon, Prague Half-Marathon, and all the others, take a look at this page.

Prague Women’s Race 2024

Dates: September 7

Official name: Adidas Women’s Race.

It is always wise to register for the event as early as possible. You will get the best price if you register early. Don’t forget that Prague is a wonderful city, so make sure to book a hotel for several days so that you will have time to discover the beautiful attractions in the city and do all the cool activities of Prague, besides running the fantastic women’s race in the beautiful surroundings of Prague’s old town.


Sep 07 2024


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