German, Forced Labourers and War – Prague Exhibition

The exhibition ‘Forced Labourers and War’ is at the first time on display and showing the history of Forced Labourers as a shocking way as it has never been seen before.

It is focused on the connection between the memory and history of Forced Labourers. The exhibition also shows the attempt to cope with history after the years the war ended not only in Germany but in other Europeans countries as well. The exhibition will set up new topics for the new ages such as the appreciation of memories, the rule and importance of the history, examination and dealing of the time of the war and the effect on the following years.

More than 20 million people was forced to do forced labour for Nazi Germany and about two thirds of them came from Eastern Europe. It took place during the World War II in Nazi Germany and throughout German occupied Europe. Many of the workers died during because of the lack of living conditions and mistreatments.

The exhibition takes place in the Prague Castle and it is on display from 2nd of July 2014 until 31st of October 2014. The entrance fee for the exhibition costs 80CZK and it is open from Monday to Sunday from 10.00am until 6.00pm in the evening.

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