Letni Letna – Circus festival in Prague

Circus festival in Prague

For those coming to Prague who get adrenaline and joy watching a circus, the Letni Letna festival should be the ideal program. This is the name of a circus festival in Prague which will be arranged between August 18th and September 4th in 2016.

The Letni Letna festival has been arranged in Prague since 2004 and it is turning more and more popular, and more and more international. There are daily programs connected to the festival and if you want to be there and take part in some of the programs, then you can find more information about the festival at its official homesite.

At the site above you can also find tickets to the different programs and general information about what’s going on and when.

Circus festival in Prague

At the festival you can see the biggest talents from the circus industry in the Czech Republic. As this festival brings life into the circus environment, there has been an increase in people actually focusing and working with this. That is why the biggest circus companies all partake in this festival in Prague.

If you have more time left after enjoying the circus festival, then a river cruise on Vltava can always be recommended.

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